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Hot Sheet #13 – 12/4/19

  RENO HOT SHEET #13 – Dec. 9, 2019 UPDATE: 30-Day Stop Homelessness Challenge: ALL of QOL-Reno’s claims are proving to be TRUE This is Day 14 of QOL-Reno’s challenge to City Council. Our challenge to the City Council members was that in the 30-day period between November 25 and December 24, they could not […]

Reno Hot Sheet #12 – 11/21/19 SPECIAL EDITION

#12 – 11/21/19 – SPECIAL EDITION BRODHEAD PARK   CITY COUNCIL AND RENO POLICE REMOVE ILLEGAL SQUATTER CAMPS FROM BRODHEAD PARK! A fleet of city workers and equipment descended on Brodhead Park on the Truckee River on Wednesday, November 21, and by mid-afternoon, practically 100% of the illegal and polluting squatters’ camps and garbage had […]