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Hot Sheet #21

Hot Sheet #21 2/21/20   Railroad Homeless Walk Saturday, February 22 • 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Get an up-close look at the hundreds of illegal, vagrant squatter camps being allowed in the area adjacent to the railroad tracks between Record Street and Wells Avenue.  With unlimited resources available to anyone on the street, Reno’s acceptance […]

Hot Sheet #20

Hot Sheet #20 2/14/20 Watch the “HONEST State of the City Address – 2020” (video)   QOL Goes to Municipal Court: No Justice QOL-Reno recently attended a hearing at our Municipal Court. We were there in support of a plaintiff for citizen’s arrest citations he signed against two individuals who had been illegally RV camping […]

Hot Sheet #19

SPECIAL  EDITION  #19 1/30/20 RPD Refuses to enforce the law: Deny QOL-Reno’s citizen’s arrest request at overrun Pickett Park (Videos available on Facebook: #1 , #2) On Wednesday, January 29 at 10:00 a.m., QOL-Reno observed that RPD was continuing to allow Pickett Park’s sheltered area and bathrooms to be taken over by illegal vagrant camps. […]

Hot Sheet #18 – 01/26/20

Hot Sheet #18 1/27/20 City Hears Whitaker Park Residents! RPD removes all vagrant camps (but one?) Jan. 26 citizens arrest activity cancelled After ignoring repeated pleas from Whitaker Park residents for over a year, Reno Police partially enforced the law on Jan. 22, removing 13 of the park’s 14 illegal vagrant camps. The one remaining tent […]

Hot Sheet #17 – 01/15/20 SPECIAL EDITION

RENO HOT SHEET #17 01/15/20 SPECIAL EDITION   City Leaders hold secret meeting about homeless issue Purpose? To manipulate government homeless funding and to keep the community uninformed According to a meeting participant who spoke with QOL-Reno, city leaders held a secret meeting Monday morning, January 13 to discuss the out-of-control homeless problem and to […]

Hot Sheet #16 – 01/14/20

Reno Hot Sheet #16 January 14, 2020 QOL-Reno Selects TMWA Director as Reno’s Citizen of the Decade! You need to watch the presentation by Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s Andy Gebhardt (Director of Operations and Water Quality). Mr. Gebhardt’s talk and photos on the damage that is being done to our Truckee River water supply by […]

Hot Sheet #15 – 01/03/20

30-Day Homeless-Challenge Results: QOL-Reno proves Council doesn’t understand the problem and is wasting MILLION$ On November 25, QOL-Reno presented a challenge to the City Council. From 11/24/19 to 12/24/19, the City Council couldn’t find ONE of Reno’s 1,000 chronic on-the-street vagrants, falsely identifying themselves as legitimately homeless, who QOL-Reno couldn’t get housed and employed in 72 […]

Hot Sheet #14 – 12/20/19

WCSD Teachers Tell the Truth About Our Schools QOL-Reno survey results prove WHY we rank at the bottom nationwide Nevada Schools, including Washoe County, have ranked worst in the nation for years. Recent ACT scores showed 90% of WCSD graduates don’t qualify for college-level classes, which means that 3,600 of the 4,000 diplomas handed out […]

Hot Sheet #13 – 12/9/19

 RENO HOT SHEET #13 – Dec. 9, 2019 UPDATE: 30-Day Stop Homelessness Challenge: ALL of QOL-Reno’s claims are proving to be TRUE This is Day 14 of QOL–Reno’s challenge to City Council. Our challenge to the Cit Council members was that in the 30-day period between November 25 and December 24, they could not send […]

Reno Hot Sheet #12 – 11/21/19 SPECIAL EDITION

#12 – 11/21/19 – SPECIAL EDITION BRODHEAD PARK   CITY COUNCIL AND RENO POLICE REMOVE ILLEGAL SQUATTER CAMPS FROM BRODHEAD PARK! A fleet of city workers and equipment descended on Brodhead Park on the Truckee River on Wednesday, November 21, and by mid-afternoon, practically 100% of the illegal and polluting squatters’ camps and garbage had […]