Reno’s Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) and its implementation arm: Downtown Reno Partners, was formed illegally and unethically from the start.  Realizing that they would never get a majority of downtown property owners to vote for this double tax, the City Council chose to weight the votes of larger property owners – and used ballots which only allowed for a “Yes” vote, which enabled the Council to declare majority approval, even though over 75% of the property owners voted against it.  BID’s have been a 100% failure in reducing homelessness and crime in EVERY city that has tried them.(Ex.: LA, San Francisco, and Seattle ALL have had BID’s for years).  BIDS simply provide large businesses extra security services and promotion activities, paid for by the countless businesses who don’t benefit from these things at all. BID’s don’t reduce the homeless population.  They merely push it into other parts of the city, which is currently the case with Reno. Eventually, entire communities become saturated with ever-growing homeless populations that the city refuses to let the police enforce the law with, and you have another San Francisco. 

The BID issue does NOT just concern downtown property owners.  Historically, City Councils try to forcefully create BID’s in ALL neighborhoods, because they provide an extra taxation source that Councils can use any way they choose, and increase on an annual basis without any approval from property owners who are being taxed. 


Why have the hundreds and hundreds of private property owners in downtown Reno refused to stand up and demand that the City stop forcing them to pay ever-increasing double taxes, for which they receive no benefit? 


Downtown property owners, and ALL community members need to jointly contribute a small amount each, to fund a legal challenge against Reno’s BID (the first one in Nevada).  If this was successful, and there is much legal grounds for believing it could be, then property owners ANYwhere in Reno who wanted to contribute to, and participate in a VOLUNTARY “merchants’ association” could do so, and NO property owner would be forcibly taxed against their will


For over 10 years, the union contract for Reno Firefighters has allowed them to have 2-to-5 times the DUI limit for illegal drugs and alcohol while on the job, with no consequences.  Not ONE City Council member, NOR the City Manager, NOR the Fire Chief  NOR any firefighters have publicly spoken out against this. Neither the Washoe County Firefighters nor the Reno Police have similar clauses for tolerating drugs/alcohol on the job, nor does ANY fire department in the nation that we know of.  No one benefits from allowing the policy to remain in effect.


Why do the City Manager, the entire City Council, the Fire Chief and 100% of the Reno firefighters refuse to speak out against this outrageous and dangerous contract provision, and insist that it be changed to conform with contract provisions for Reno’s other public safety workers? 


• Contact the City Manager, Council, and Fire Chief with calls, emails, and newspaper letters/op-ed’s demanding that this policy be changed.

City of Reno Fire Department “Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy and Procedures”

What are the limits for DUI?”Reno policy allows up to .08 BAC for firefighters”/


•  Reno’s current debt and pension obligations exceed $1 billion.  Meanwhile, Council members continue to give away multi-million dollar City-owned properties to political supporters and/or rent them far below market value.
• Instead of the entire Council collectively granting funding to various community activities throughout the year, EACH Council member receives $25,000 annually to specifically dole-out in their voting ward.  The result is a blatant buying of votes for upcoming elections.  


Why is the Council giving away and/or renting below market rate costly city properties that could be used to pay off our $1 billion debt?
Why doesn’t the Council give community grants as a collective body, rather than letting each Council member have an individual slush fund for buying votes in their voting wards.  


• Pass a Council policy requiring a marketplace rate for  ALL City properties that are sold or rented
• Eliminate the Council’s personal slush funds for individual members, and require that ALL community grants be approved and distributed by the entire Council.  


• Reno’s national grade for criminal activity is an “F”.
• Reno’s homeless-by-choice population has the highest crime rate of any demographic, and commits murder at a rate 15 TIMES greater than their part of the population. 
• Reno Police, pressured by City Council, rarely enforce the Reno Municipal Criminal Code against the homeless.  
• Reno’s homeless offenders can have their cases heard in a much more lenient Homeless Court

QUESTION: Why aren’t the Reno Police equally enforcing the City Municipal Criminal Code  with ALL citizens, including the homeless?


• Reno City Council must allow the  police to enforce the City Municipal Criminal Code firmly and fairly with ALL community members
• Eliminate the Homeless Court.  ONE system of justice and ONE set of consequences for EVERYONE.  

From Homeless to Healed
Reno’s Homeless Plan Will Never Work – I Should Know

by Tim McGivney

Reno’s homeless plan will never work. Not “later.” Not after they pour millions more into it. Not ever. I know that firsthand – because I was homeless and an IV drug user on the streets of Reno for far too long.

I’m clean and sober now, a good husband and dad, and working a good job. NONE of that would have happened if I’d followed the Reno City Council’s homeless plan.

Reno’s Homeless Plan does NOT work and will NEVER work in Reno, just like it has NEVER worked in any city in the country that has tried it. The reason is because it does not deal with the main issues that kept someone like me on the street. Reno’s Plan doesn’t require the four important things that anyone hoping to get off the street has to be willing to do.

• Sobriety
• Employment
• Law-abiding behavior
• Mental health counseling (if needed)

Reno CAN’T require these four things for its Homeless Plan as long as they accept federal money.

If Reno’s City Council refused federal funding, like the Reno/Sparks Gospel
Mission does, they could require their homeless clients to follow the 4 things that lead to success, just like the Gospel Mission does.

Then, Reno’s homeless plan would actually help the homeless, just like the Gospel Mission’s does.

But Reno’s City Council refuses to let go of the federal funding. Therefore, their program continues to help almost no one who is in the situation I was in on the street. That’s why Reno’s homeless problem continues to get worse and worse.

Reno’s Homeless Plan is actually a trap that harms the homeless. It misleads them into believing they are victims of tough times, that they’re not responsible for their situations, and they just need other people in the community to give them everything.

Homelessness is absolutely about tough times …but the tough times are almost always caused by the homeless population’s OWN self-destructive habits. Just like MY problems were caused by MY refusal to do the 4 things listed above.

Reno’s Homeless Plan will put people who do NOT want to be clean and sober, employed, or law-abiding into nice clean homes, paid for with tax money. The houses won’t stay nice and clean for long. The homeless will destroy them. Then they will demand that the city spend more money to buy them MORE new homes. If you don’t believe me, go look at the City’s homeless shelter downtown and see how it has been trashed. Then go next door and compare how nice the Gospel Mission facility is, because they DO have rules.

One of the worst things about the Reno Homeless Plan, is that it will attract MORE homeless people from all over the country. Vagrants who don’t want to take self-responsibility will continue to network with each other about the great deal in Reno and keep moving here. They’ll hear that homeless people in Reno can do anything they want to do, including breaking most of the laws. They’ll hear that the City just keeps giving the homeless tons of free stuff, without requiring them to do anything. That’s how Los Angeles and Seattle got to be like they are. That’s what Reno will become if things don’t change.

How do you make homeless people WANT to be clean/sober and obey the laws? You have to hold them accountable for what they do. People who support Reno’s Homeless Plan say that you “can’t arrest your way out of homelessness.” From firsthand experience, I can tell you that’s NOT true. I went to jail over two-dozen times. Finally – BECAUSE of that experience – I got sick of wasting my life and tearing my family apart. Finally, I listened to a local pastor who showed me how to turn to God and walk with integrity. Finally, I decided I wanted to be a good dad, which meant I had to stop using drugs, obey the law, and get a job.

The Reno City Council’s homeless plan is not caring or helpful to people it temporarily takes off the street. It just enables them to keep using until they die, go to prison, or completely lose their health.

If Reno’s City Council really cares about helping the homeless – the people who are destroying their lives, just like I was – they’ll change their approach. They’ll change their plan to REQUIRE the homeless who want help to be clean and sober, work, obey the laws, and get mental health counseling. Nothing else works. I know.

About the author: Tim McGivney is a lifelong Reno resident. He welcomes feedback at timmcgivney@icloud.

From Homeless to Healed



• Tourism
• Efforts to attract new businesses
• Crime rate
• Quality of Life
• Our debt-ridden city finances
• Availability of public safety services to the rest of the community


Why is the City Council following and funding a homeless plan that has NEVER worked in ANY city where it has been tried? It is the exact same plan that has ruined Los Angeles, Seattle, and many other communities.


1)  Eliminate HUD funding and oversight of Reno’s Homeless Shelter,  so clients can be required to: be clean/sober, employed, seek mental health counseling (when needed), contribute to the cost of sheltering them, and obey the law.
2) Allow the Reno Police Department to fully and fairly enforce the city Municipal Code, including illegal camping

3) Eliminate special “Homeless Courts” where they receive little or no consequences for the crimes they commit

4) Implement the QOL-Reno Homeless Plan

Read the Homeless Plan HERE


Former Superintendent Traci Davis was fired for-cause by the WCSD School Board July 1, 2019.  Has the School Board learned enough from this ongoing fiasco to hire – and supervise — a superintendent who will fix the mess that is our WCSD school system? 

  • The leading education survey (2019 Editorial Projects in Education) shows Nevada schools, including WCSD, are the 49th worst in the nation based, on 3 criteria:

Academic achievement

75% of our 4th and 8th graders are below grade level in Math and English on the national NAEP test)

Hope for the Future?

Children in WCSD schools children rank as having the LEAST likely chance for a successful future

Poor money management by the Superintendent and School Board

WCSD has run a multi-million dollar budget deficit for the past 11 years, and has more administrators than school districts 10 TIMES its size. 

  • Graduation rates (which WCSD can – and DOES manipulate) are increasing!

Meanwhile, the most important ACT national test (which WCSD can NOT manipulate) – shows that almost 90% of our graduating seniors do not qualify for college level classes … and the scores have declined for three straight years.

Moral Values?

Should your 11-year-old child be taught about anal and group sex in school sex education, but be taught NOTHING about moral values?  5 of the 7 WCSD School Board members think they should.


VIDEO: “Seattle is Dying”

This very informative 2019 KOMO News video is worth watching. It presents a picture of the homeless issue that you may not have seen before.

Homeless Plan




Although most people living in U.S.cities, small and large, have encountered homelessness at some point in their daily lives, the large majority are unaware of the depth of the problem, the solutions being implemented nationwide, and the costs.

The recently published article “Seattle Under Siege: Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem” by Christoper F. Rofu provides an insightful analysis of Seattle’s homeless situation. Although the article focuses on Seattle, it could easily and accurately describe a multitude of cities across the country. Readers will recognize similar activities and participants in their own communities.

Seattle under siege by Christopher F. Rofu

“Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem.”
Audio Excerpt: is working to address a growing homeless problem impacting Reno’s quality of life. We invite you to join this “quality of life” citizen activity to bring much needed solutions to our community. Just click on the “Contact Us” and “Subscribe” links to learn about upcoming activities.