WCSD Teachers Tell the Truth About Our Schools
QOL-Reno survey results prove WHY we rank at the bottom nationwide

Nevada Schools, including Washoe County, have ranked worst in the nation for years. Recent ACT scores showed 90% of WCSD graduates don’t qualify for college-level classes, which means that 3,600 of the 4,000 diplomas handed out last year were worthless. Violent student behavior continues to increase. Meanwhile, the Washoe County School Board and Superintendent continue to deny these problems even exist.

QOL-Reno wanted to hear what the teachers themselves had to say. We mailed invitations to participate in an anonymous online survey to 3,000 WCSD teachers. Three percent of them had the moral courage to speak up. The problems with our schools will continue until the other 97% of our teachers ignore their union’s unwillingness to change the status quo and start demanding change.

Teachers responded anonymously to questions about student behavior, academic learning, and leadership. Excerpts from the teachers’ responses follow. A compilation of responses were sent to the WCSD School Board, and can be read by opening this link (Survey Response Excerpts).

Quoting Typical Survey Responses on Student Behavior:

Several teachers reported the following:
• Severely battered in the face
• Slapped, spit on, and punched to the ground.
• Stabbed with scissors
• Hit on the head with a laptop
• Kicked
• Choked
• Punched in the face
• Furniture thrown at them
• Sexually abused
• 2/3 of the teachers said they knew teachers who have been assaulted by students.
and nothing ever happens to the students.

Quoting Typical Survey Responses on Academic Learning:

• They won’t let teachers fail kids who do no work at all.
• They make us give students a “C” who score 50% on a test.
• WCSD manipulates the grades and student absences to raise the graduation rate.
• Teachers who won’t inflate their grades fear losing their jobs.
• Teachers are exiting at an alarming rate.
• Teacher morale is extremely low.
• Parents as a whole are terrible.
• Student behavior is severely impacting learning.
• Schools are overcrowded and underfunded.
• The stress is wiping out teachers.
• The School Board has failed the community repeatedly and still gets re-elected. Not only that, but most of them are clueless to the real issues in a classroom.

77 Out of Reno’s 87 Parks are in great shape.
The OTHER 10? Use at your own risk.

QOL-Reno just completed a tour of Reno’s 87 public parks.

Seventy-seven were clean, safe, and free of illegal activity including drug use, drug dealing, violent crime, abandoned vehicles, and illegal homeless camping including tents, RV’s, and personal belongings.

The following 10 parks have some combination of all of the above items.

Fishermen’s 1 & 2 and Champion – the absolute worst: They’re out of control, seriously dangerous, and an embarrassment and liability to our city and our Truckee River drinking water supply. Latest reports indicate that the LONG overdue cleanup is underway. The Hot Sheet will report on any progress.
Whitaker Park: RPD promised to clean it out this week. Will they?
Barbara Bennett Park
Dorothy McAlinden Park
Idlewild Park
Paradise Park: (the illegal camps are close to an elementary school)
Valleywood Park
Pickett Park: RPD is allowing former illegal campers that were previously removed to return!

QOL-Reno is in discussion with our City Parks and Recreation Department to learn why these situations have gone untreated and how that can be changed. We will keep you posted on any change in either direction.

Moving illegal squatters out of the parks is an important step, but if RPD is not issuing court appearance tickets to every illegal squatter, the problems will simply relocate and not be permanently solved.

Did we miss any problems or progress in YOUR parks? Contact QOL-Reno at 685.8200, and/or send us your photos.

First success in clearing squatters’ drug camps out of North Valley!

QOL-Reno congratulates Reno Police and the private owner of a Stead-area property on completely removing a years-long squatters’ camp and the criminal element it attracted. More private property owners in this area with similar problems have taken note, and are taking steps to clean up their own properties. Code Enforcement for City of Reno is citing any property owners who do not take care of this problem. Being an area with a number of illegal camps that need to be removed, work would progress much faster if Ward 4 City Council Member Bonnie Weber would acknowledge the problem and become involved in resolving the issue.


QOL-Reno has an outstanding powerpoint presentation available for any group of any size. Reno resident and former homeless man Tim McGivney provides the real facts about our numerous homeless resources, the comprehensive cost of unchecked vagrancy to our community, and how this situation could be easily, inexpensively, and rapidly solved. Contact QOL-Reno to schedule a presentation.


If you’re a City of Reno worker or a WCSD educator, you know the truth firsthand about how our city and schools are being run, and the community needs to know about it. Your information can make the difference! Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity, and we will get the word out to the community. (775) 685-8200.