30-Day Homeless-Challenge Results:
QOL-Reno proves Council doesn’t understand the problem and is wasting MILLION$

On November 25, QOL-Reno presented a challenge to the City Council.

From 11/24/19 to 12/24/19, the City Council couldn’t find ONE of Reno’s 1,000 chronic on-the-street vagrants, falsely identifying themselves as legitimately homeless, who QOL-Reno couldn’t get housed and employed in 72 hours, IF the vagrant was willing to simply:
• Get clean and sober
• Work a steady job that QOL-Reno would help them find
• Get mental health treatment if they needed it

QOL’s opinion is that Reno’s 1,000 vagrants are ON the streets (and not in the countless good, supportive programs)  because they don’t WANT to do what it takes to get off the street, NOT because of a lack of jobs or affordable housing.

Thirty days later on Dec. 24, QOL’s premise was proven 100% correct.

After offering QOL’s housing and employment package to hundreds of vagrants, QOL and the Downtown Ambassadors found only 22 individuals who called QOL to ask for more details.
• Of these 22 individuals who called QOL, 21 immediately lost interest and disappeared when they were told that in order to get housing, they had to stop using drugs/alcohol and be willing to work a steady job.
ONE PERSON out of the 1,000 vagrants on the street said she would be willing to fulfill the requirements. Twenty-four hours later, QOL had her employed in a $15.50/hour job and with a bank account for her pay checks and Social Security check. Because she was employed, the VOA shelter agreed to extend her residency for a few more weeks until the nice-quality, affordable apartment she found would be ready.
Meanwhile, the City Council made ZERO referrals to QOL’s offer, but DID find time to approve ANOTHER multi-million dollar taxpayer funded project that gives free housing to the 1,000 vagrants who do not WANT to be sober, work, or obey the law.

WCSD tells mother of 9th grader that achieving 6 YEARS below grade level is “doing good”

QOL-Reno was recently contacted by the concerned mother of a 9th grader who has attended WCSD schools for the past 9 years. Until this year, the child’s mother had always been told that her child was “doing very good.” Upon entering high school this year, the child has been failing all classes. The mother asked QOL’s educators to assess her child’s skills; they were found to be 6 YEARS below grade level in most areas! QOL-Reno shared this educational malpractice information with the WCSD Board of Trustees. Board President Simon-Holland was the only respondent. She expressed NO interest in meeting with the child or the family, but merely responded with education double-speak, questioning what particular assessment methods were used. QOL-Reno is encouraging this parent and ALL parents to remove their children from WCSD schools immediately until comprehensive, systemic changes have been made. Parents can contact QOL-Reno to receive information on the wide variety of school options available in the community.

3 of the 10 worst parks cleaned up, but 7 more to go!

Progress is being made in clearing illegal camps and garbage out of Reno’s parks however, until all squatters are ticketed, and not just moved along, the camps will continue to relocate and remain a huge and dangerous problem.

The previous Reno Hot Sheet listed the 10 Reno city parks that are being taken over by illegal vagrant camping, trash, illegally parked vehicles, etc.

Here is the most recent update on those parks:
Champion Park – CLEAN! Great job, RPD/Maintenance/Parks & Rec
Fishermen’s #1 – Tents are mostly gone but illegally camping RV’s need to be removed.
Fishermen’s #2 – NO CHANGE!! and this one is the WORST! MANY tents still on South Side of river, in spite of the Health Department complaints and the city’s promise that they would be removed.
Whitaker Park – 2 of the 4 tents are gone. RPD has promised the rest will be removed January 2.
Barbara Bennett Park – NO CHANGE. Large amounts of stored belongings by basketball court have NOT been removed.
Dorothy McAlinden Park – CLEAN! Crushed car was removed. Great job, RPD/Maintenance/Parks & Rec
Idlewild Park – NO CHANGE. MANY RV’s still illegally living there.
Paradise Park – WORSE!! More tents and More illegal RV’s, ALL of which are close to an elementary school.
Valleywood Park – CLEAN! Abandoned RV was removed. Great job, RPD/Maintenance/Parks & Rec school.
Pickett Park – NO CHANGE! An ill
egal tent has been set-up under the overhang, and the covered picnic area and restroom are still controlled by vagrants on a daily basis. No average citizen would go near that area. Homeless belongings cover the entire tables area, and illegal open fires occur daily. Illegal RV’s and trashed cars still there periodically. One male, YEARS-long illegal camper absolutely REFUSES to obey the law and leave and thus attracts others. (RPD, you know who we mean.)

Did we miss any problems (or progress) in YOUR parks? Contact QOL-Reno at 685.8200, and/or send us your photos with date, time and park.

Local paper reports half-truth about WCSD graduation rate increase 

In a December 30 article on WCSD’s graduation rate increase, online newspaperThis is Reno chose to provide misleading public relations support to the school district, rather than reporting the whole truth about our worst-in-the-nation schools.  https://thisisreno.com/2019/12/state-school-district-report-increased-graduation-rates/

This is Reno reported only the school district’s claim of handing out a record number of diplomas. What TIR failed to add, was that as the manipulated local graduation rates have gone UP, the national and unable-to-be-manipulated ACT scores for WCSD students have steadily declined, to the point where 90% of the 4,000 diplomas granted went to students whose scores were too low to qualify for any college level classes.  

This is Reno‘s article did not challenge the district’s claim that “The requirements for graduation are rigorous…” What!? A recent QOL-Reno poll of WCSD teachers revealed that the school district: requires no proficiency test for students to graduate, gives students a “C” grade for a 50% test score, allows students to make-up an entire semester class in 2 weeks, and forbids teachers from failing students, even if students do no work at all. This is Reno refused to respond to QOL-Reno’s request that they either include the full facts, or allow a guest op/ed from QOL-Reno that would.

A SECOND success in clearing squatters’ drug camps out of N. Valley is underway!

The efforts of RPD and a second private property owner on Peavine Road have resulted in the removal of 6+ RV’s camped illegally on private property. Some of the RV owners received court citations, but most did not. RPD could tow more illegal RV’s if they had more space to store them. Why isn’t the City Council turning one of their dozens of empty properties into another storage space for RPD? Just pushing the RV’s off one property, without impounding them or ticketing the owners, encourages the RV owners to simply relocate them elsewhere in Reno. Reno’s Code Enforcement office has begun citing private property owners who allow illegal campers and/or garbage on their land. 

If you know a private property owner who is allowing illegal homeless camps, please contact QOL-Reno.


Schedule our eye-opening presentation for any size group. Speaker: Tim McGivney, Reno resident and former homeless man and drug addict. Contact QOL-Reno to schedule a presentation.


If you’re a City of Reno worker or a WCSD educator, you know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it. Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.