City Leaders hold secret meeting about homeless issue
Purpose? To manipulate government homeless funding and to keep the community uninformed

According to a meeting participant who spoke with QOL-Reno, city leaders held a secret meeting Monday morning, January 13 to discuss the out-of-control homeless problem and to get agreement on some ethically questionable behavior on the part of the city.

Participants at the meeting included: City Council members, RPD officers, representatives from the County Health Department, City Manager’s office, Code Enforcement, TMWA, and the contractor hired to clean the homeless encampments.

QOL-Reno contacted the City Manager’s office to confirm the full list of attendees at the meeting on Monday. The City Manager confirmed the meeting took place, but refused to confirm those attending, stating that the information would only be available when requested through a Freedom of Information Act request (for a meeting that had happened that same day?). Based upon the City Manager’s refusal to release this information, it’s possible that the number of Council members in attendance violated the Open Meeting Law.

It’s easy to understand why the City Manager doesn’t want the community to know about the meeting because of the two main points that were shared with the meeting’s participants.

1) RPD and their contractor have been told NOT to remove ANY homeless camps during the next 3 weeks because “they don’t want to affect the upcoming “Point-in-Time (PIT) Homeless Count,” the annual counting of Reno’s homeless population.

Translation. Reno’s PIT count determines how much federal funding is awarded to Reno’s homeless programs. City leadership doesn’t want RPD or its contractor to remove any illegal camps before completion of the PIT count because it could cause criminal vagrants to LEAVE Reno and would result in Reno programs receiving less government funding. Therefore, the Reno PIT count submitted to the government will be a manipulated one that does NOT reflect the normal action of law enforcement.

Consequently, there will most likely be continuing murders, stabbings, shootings, drownings, theft, and burn injuries/deaths in the vagrant population because of the lack of law enforcement action. Apparently, loss of lives is of less concern to city leaders and the homeless industrial complex than the possible loss of federal homeless funding.

2) Meeting attendees were asked to refrain from saying anything to the public about the homeless problem and to “just let the city speak with one voice.” Exactly who that “one voice” will be is not known.