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QOL Goes to Municipal Court: No Justice

QOL-Reno recently attended a hearing at our Municipal Court. We were there in support of a plaintiff for citizen’s arrest citations he signed against two individuals who had been illegally RV camping for months on private property in the North Valley area. The squatters left behind a filthy, dangerous environment filled with toxic waste, garbage, and sewage. The plaintiff, representing the land owner, and QOL-Reno had spent many hours voluntarily supporting his effort to clear the property of illegal squatters.

The two defendants pleaded guilty; each received a 30-day jail sentence that was suspended as long as they don’t break the law during the next 12 months. The vagrants received no fines and walked free. 

Meanwhile the owner was forced to spend over $10,000 to clean up the garbage and waste left behind on his OWN property by the two illegal squatters and others. The two defendants thanked the judge, acted very penitent, and promised they’d be “good” in the future. Where are they living now? A few miles down the road on ANOTHER piece of private property that doesn’t belong to them. They’re illegally squatting again without this property owner’s permission.

QOL-Reno goes to “Homeless Court”
and finds … even LESS justice

QOL-Reno recently visited the Reno “Homeless Court,” misleadingly known as the “Community Court.” We were promised a direct interview with the judge who runs this court, but Reno’s Specialty Court office has refused to follow through. The judge herself is totally unreachable.

Detailed information about this Homeless Court and its clear violation of the 14th Amendment (Equal protection under the law) is hard to come by. We were told that the court could be for “anyone,” but on the morning QOL-Reno visited, the only “anyone’s” were vagrants-by-choice.

This “court” has to be seen to be believed. Ticketed law-breakers are treated like valued guests, and are welcomed to the court with free coffee and donuts, an army of social service providers, and gratitude for the fact that the lawbreakers decided to attend their court date.

It’s impossible to hear the dialogue between the judge and defendants because while there are two microphones on the judge’s desk, there is NO amplification. Our requests to turn up the volume were ignored, so the community has no way of hearing the proceedings. QOL-Reno sat within 20 feet of the judge’s desk and still could not hear ANYTHING about which crimes were being prosecuted, defendants’ responses, whether or not a sentence was handed down, or what it was. Therefore, the court hearings are “public” in name only.

Court promotional materials state that “sentences are handed down and carried out the same day … like picking up trash ….” However, in speaking to a Homeless Court representative, we were told that those sentences are almost always suspended because they prefer that the defendants get into a “treatment program” at some point in the future. 

QOL-Reno saw one defendant that they recognized. He received no punishment for whatever crime brought him to the  court that day, but we DID recognize him as a vagrant who threatened us with a machete when QOL-Reno sponsored its Riverfront Walk in November. 

QOL-Reno is offering field trips to Reno’s Community (Homeless) Court for any interested community members. Contact QOL-Reno for details (775) 685.8200.


A new city manager means new possibilities for Reno’s future

The best candidate for the newly opened City Manager position will be someone who does NOT need the job.

Reno must hire a new city manager who will tell the City Council what they don’t want to hear. What should the new manager be willing to stand up and say?

• The Council must stop its wasteful spending, including supplying itself with individual slush funds to buy votes. It must stop giving away public assets to their personal supporters and outside developers.

• The Council must allow RPD to immediately increase its number of officers to the level required to provide full community coverage. No excuses!

• The Council must immediately allow RPD to fully and fairly enforce the Municipal Code with ALL residents, including chronic vagrants-by-choice.

The individual who replaces outgoing City Manager Sabra Newby MUST be someone whose primary concern is NOT how long they stay employed. Their sole focus must be ensuring that council decisions are based on what is best for the COMMUNITY. The new manager must not capitulate to the personal whims of individual council members.



NO real consequences for illegal behavior if you’re a vagrant – a clear violation of the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause. Contact QOL-Reno to schedule a tour on any Wednesday morning: (775) 685.8200


PREMISE:  The City of Reno – right now – has an abundant, available supply of food, employment, housing, and mental health treatment for anyone. There is NO need for the City Council to spend one dollar more on “homeless services;” to do so is a waste of taxpayers’ money and makes the homeless problem worse.

CHALLENGE: There isn’t ONE person living on Reno’s streets whom QOL-Reno cannot get housed and employed within 72 hours, IF the individual is willing to comply with the following:

• Be clean and sober

• Be willing to work

• Be willing to obey the law

• Be willing to accept mental health treatment (if needed)


QOL-RENO presentations available:
“Reno’s Homeless Situation: The Real Facts”
Schedule our eye-opening presentation for any size group. Speaker: Tim McGivney, Reno resident and former homeless man and drug addict. Contact QOL-Reno to schedule a presentation. 775.685-8200.

Attention All City Workers and WCSD Teachers:
The community needs you to speak up!
If you’re a City of Reno worker or a WCSD educator, you know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it. Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.