Hot Sheet #22

Vagrant commits Assault & Battery –
then spits on and abuses arresting RPD cops
Will there be ANY consequences?

While waiting for its “Railroad Homeless Camp Community Walk” to begin at 4th & Record Streets on Feb. 22, 2020, QOL-Reno observed two RPD officers conducting an arrest on a vagrant-by-choice female for assault and battery on another individual (potential felony). The officers were completely professional and appropriate, but overly restrained in handling the woman’s insane, vulgar, and assaultive behavior toward them.

The woman, obviously under the influence, violently and repeatedly resisted arrest while spewing nonstop vulgarities at the officers. She continued her assaultive behavior by repeatedly spitting on the officers until she was placed in the back seat of the police car.

City of Reno schedules March 4
homeless encampment removal
at railroad tracks

City employees and RPD officers will remove the 300+/- illegal campers on the railroad tracks between 4th Street and Wells Avenue this Wednesday, March 4. The City Council, City Attorney’s Office, and RPD are to be commended for committing to enforcement of law and protecting Reno’s future.

The camp location, dangerously close to passing trains and creating large amounts of sewage, toxic waste, and garbage, should never have been allowed to establish in the first place. It will cost the city thousands of dollars to remove. In QOL-Reno’s two separate trips to this illegal camp, only 4 of the 300 illegal squatters expressed ANY interest in utilizing our community’s numerous support services. NONE of the illegal campers who spoke with QOL-Reno anticipate fines or arrests when RPD makes them move. They simply plan to set-up another illegal camp nearby.

You decide: Does Reno need to enforce laws regarding illegal vagrant camps?

Microwaves, solid plywood buildings, horseshoe pits, wood-burning stoves, large electrical generators, security cameras, solar panels, full-size bath tubs with hot water, internet service, and a thriving business refilling and selling propane cylinders to their “neighbors.”

No, this is NOT Reno’s KOA Campground. You can tell because of the mountains of stolen merchandise, toxic waste/garbage, sewage, and drug needles being put directly into the Truckee River, as well as the “No Trespassing” signs warning of booby traps and the vagrants’ willingness to kill you. 

It’s the longest-standing illegal vagrant camp in Reno (Glendale area, between Mills & McCarran). Some of the dozens of squatters have lived at the location for over 2 years. QOL-Reno spent hours there on March 3, talking to the illegal campers, offering them all possible help, and video-taping a thorough tour of this miles-long stretch of illegal activity that is LONG overdue to be removed. A total of one camper expressed immediate interest in accessing help.

But there is GOOD news! The illegal campers informed us that RPD had already visited their camps, providing advance notice that a complete removal was coming soon!   

QOL-Reno URGES the entire community to contact RPD, the City Attorney’s Office, and their Council members and share your support for their willingness to firmly but fairly enforce the laws that guarantee EVERYONE’s safety, and the safety of the drinking water source for 400,000 Reno/Sparks residents. 

Who’s Been Talking to QOL-Reno?

A railroad track vagrant camp resident who’s been living on Reno streets for 5 years.
99% of the 300 homeless people in our camp do not want to work, and 90% abuse drugs or alcohol. The majority of the ones who act mentally ill would not be that way if they’d stop abusing drugs and alcohol and get off the street … but they don’t want to.

A newly arrived vagrant in Reno, currently living in a homeless camp
I moved to Reno because I heard how great it is. You can camp anywhere you want, there are lots of free hot meals, and you never get arrested.

A vigorous and healthy 69 year-old homeless woman
I don’t want a job, and I’ve never worked a day in my life. I never have to because people keep giving me money.

Community (Homeless) Court Update:
Proceedings are now amplified

The Municipal Community (homeless) Court informed QOL-Reno last week that court proceedings are now being amplified for sound allowing courtroom visitors to clearly hear and better understand the actions of the Community Court and what it is trying to accomplish.

The Community Court meets Wednesday mornings from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. at the Downtown Library on Center St.

Correction: In the Reno Hot Sheet #21, the Reno Community Court was incorrectly referred to as a separate “diversionary court.” The Community Court is a part of Reno’s Municipal Court system.


City Council is allowing abuse of RPD officers
This must STOP!

Based on what QOL-Reno has recently observed in our Municipal Courts, it’s questionable whether the vagrant woman who abused 2 RPD officers last week (see lead story above) will even be convicted, let alone receive the punishment she deserves for the abuse she delivered to the officers.

Not one in 100,000 Reno residents would have been able to show the self-restraint demonstrated by the RPD officers when arresting the woman.

For the sake of retaining good police officers and maintaining public safety, City Council MUST allow RPD officers to FULLY protect themselves from abusive and dangerous assaults by ANY criminal, including our proportionately, most criminal element, vagrants-by-choice.

Less than a year ago, an RPD officer was almost killed by a drug-abusing vagrant. The man, repeatedly threatening employees and customers in a South Reno fast food restaurant, had been allowed to grow more brazen and out of control due to the “hands-off” policy imposed on RPD. When the officer finally confronted the man, the officer was assaulted, receiving what could have been fatal injuries.

Presently, the RPD force has the same number of officers that it had when our city was HALF its current population. The stress involved in police work is incomparable to any other profession and is matched only by military personnel serving in combat zones. For the sake of Reno citizens’ safety, City Council must make its first priority increasing the number of police officers. With a population that has almost doubled since the late 80’s, the RPD force must be increased to a commensurate level for the increased 2020 population. The City Council must give total support to our peace officers by allowing them to fully and firmly enforce all of Reno’s laws.

Community (Homeless) Court Field Trips

Sign up for a QOL-Reno field trip to the Community (Homeless) Court. See firsthand a judicial experiment that is testing a liberal approach to encouraging misdemeanor offenders to seek available resources, stop living on the street, and live law-abiding, productive lives.

Contact QOL-Reno to schedule a tour on any Wednesday morning: (775) 685.8200


PREMISE: The City of Reno – right now – has an abundant, available supply of food, employment, housing, and mental health resources for ANYONE. There is NO need for the City Council to spend one dollar more on “homeless services;” and to do so is a waste of taxpayers’ money and is making the homeless problem worse.

CHALLENGE: There is not ONE person living on Reno’s streets whom QOL-Reno cannot get housed and employed within 72 hours, IF the individual is willing to comply with the following:

• Be clean and sober
• Be willing to work
• Be willing to obey the law
• Be willing to accept mental health treatment (if needed)

Attention all parents of school-age children:

• WCSD schools rank last or near last in the nation
• A QOL-Reno WCSD teachers poll confirmed student discipline, strong moral values, and objective teaching to be almost non-existent
• School leaders deny the facts about this situation

Why would any parent keep their child enrolled in WCSD? Contact QOL-Reno for a wide variety of education options for your child.

Police, City Workers, and WCSD Teachers:
The Community needs you to SPEAK UP!

YOU know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it. Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.