Hot Sheet #25 – 4/10/20

Sacramento County’s failed homeless program validates QOL-Reno claim:
The “Homeless” Problem is Addiction – NOT Lack of Housing

In a recent blog post, Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Frost detailed the results of their year-long program to help the homeless. (Article

Forty openings were made available to Sacramento County’s 5,000 homeless individuals, offering housing, paid employment, and free training for construction jobs, with subsequent job placement when the participants finished the program. The only two requirements for interested participants were no drug/alcohol use and a willingness to work.

The results in Sacramento County were exactly what QOL-Reno found in its “30-Day Challenge” to City Council last winter, and still finds every day.

Only EIGHT out of Sac County’s 5,000 homeless applied for the free housing and jobs program (In QOL-Reno’s program offer, only ONE out of 1,000 applied.)

The number one resistance factor was a complete unwillingness to stop drug use. (QOL-Reno’s program found similar results.)

• Only a fraction of the 8 enrollees finished Sacramento County’s program.

Supervisor Frost drew several conclusions, including:

The government’s Point-in-Time homeless counts should NOT be believed. The P.I.T. count cites drug/alcohol problems as only a 10% factor in causing homelessness, when it is 90+% (article/video).

Politicians who build and advocate for housing without first requiring abstinence from drug/alcohol use are a waste of taxpayers money.

Event Center homeless beds go empty

Recent reports from homeless service providers indicate that 40 to 50 beds for the homeless are going unused on most nights at the Event Center. Why? Multiple encampments are presently in place (again) along the Truckee River and other parts of town. With the availability of beds in the Event Center shelter, law enforcement is now able to cite/arrest those who are camping on public properties in our communities, but they are not.

April fools? We wish!
Assistant Superintendent Kristen McNeill
given top position by WCSD School Board

On April Fool’s Day eve, the WCSD School Board announced their intent to place acting/interim superintendent Kristen McNeill in the WCSD Superintendent position. McNeill was an assistant superintendent under Traci Davis who was terminated by the WCSD school board in July, 2019.

A disturbing pattern of School Board behavior continues to emerge.

Ms. McNeill was NOT among the top 6 finalists selected by the superintendent search firm hired by the Board for $30,000. Disregarding the search firm’s recommendation, the Board of Trustees announced that they will hire McNeill at the April 28, 2020 meeting.

• In November 2017, the School Board also ignored the findings of a 1,200 person survey that rated recently fired superintendent Davis as lower than “accomplished.” Disregarding the survey results, the Board renewed Davis’ contract who was fired her less than two years later, paying Davis over $100,000 in severance pay. A wrongful termination lawsuit, filed by Davis, is in progress.

Police officers with $367,000/year salaries?
One reason why Reno could be heading toward bankruptcy

The Transparent Nevada website for 2019 shows that of the 51 highest paid City of Reno employees, 25 are Reno police officers. The annual total pay and benefits package for officers at the lieutenant level and below cost taxpayers between $245,000 and $367,000 for 2019.

The excessive hit on City coffers is a direct result of City Council’s failure to address the police officer shortage, resulting in officers working large amounts of overtime, adding 50% or more to an officer’s normal pay. A similar situation is found in Reno Fire Department staffing and negotiated policy regarding 4 firefighters assigned to each station and rotation instead of 3 firefighters which is the standard staffing found in other fire departments. (Transparent Nevada) (Video Explanation)


Using a health crisis to grab power, hide partisan politics, and abuse Constitutional Rights

Local, state, and even international officials are heeding the advice of a popular quote, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Over the past few weeks of the COVID-19 challenge, Reno’s Mayor and Nevada’s Governor have exploited this situation to:

• Exceed the legal authority of their offices and blatantly lie to the public about it
• Personally promote themselves and their political affiliation
• Usurp the U.S. Constitution

Two examples of this include the following:

• On March 16, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve violated the City Municipal Code by unilaterally declaring a shut-down of “non-essential” Reno businesses. The Code allows for a mayor to take action ONLY if circumstances prevent the timely involvement and action of the ENTIRE City Council. Schieve did not claim that this was the case, and acted without the knowledge of her City Manager or Police Chief. Schieve initially claimed that her order to close businesses was done at the recommendation of the County Health Director, but shortly after her announcement, the County Health Director immediately said that Schieve’s statement was not true.

• Governor Steve Sisolak, issued an order, limiting church service attendance to no more than 10 people, while numerous other businesses have no such limitation. This is a direct violation of the First Amendment’s Constitutional rights to free exercise of religion and the freedom to peaceably assemble.

Additionally, on the international level, the World Health Organization stated in a recent interview that if someone in a family was diagnosed with COVID-19, the WHO might be required to enter that house and “remove the infected person to a quarantine site,” with or without the family’s approval in order to “protect other family members.”

Watch “The 2020 HONEST State of the City Address”
Find out what’s REALLY going on in Reno


The QOL-Reno Homeless Challenge to City Council

Of the 1,000+ chronic vagrants living on the street in Reno and complaining about a lack of services, not ONE of them is legitimately “homeless.” QOL-Reno can get ANY person living on the street housed and employed within 72 hours, IF the individual is simply willing to comply with the following:

• Be clean and sober
• Be willing to work
• Be willing to accept mental health care if needed

Attention all parents of school-age children

• WCSD schools rank at the bottom or last in nationwide rankings
• A QOL-Reno WCSD teachers poll confirmed that student discipline, strong moral values, and objective teaching was almost non-existent
• School leaders completely deny these facts

Why would any parent keep their child enrolled in WCSD? Contact QOL-Reno for a wide variety of education options for your child.

Police, City workers, and WCSD teachers:
The community needs you to speak up!

YOU know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it. Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.

Calling all Nevada Patriots

The Nevada Patriot group is holding virtual meetings every Thursday at 6pm. Stay up-to-date on issues affecting our community and hear from local and national experts. Contact for the Zoom link and a password to enter the meeting. Check out their website!