Hot Sheet #26 – 4/20/2020

Dr. Drew’s Warning:

Council’s and RPD’s refusal to remove homeless camps when they could have — creating potential for bubonic plague, TB, typhus, and more

TV’s Dr. Drew Pinsky has been warning cities like Reno for years. Serious infectious diseases will occur on a large scale if unsanitary homeless camps like Reno’s are not completely removed. 

(video)Dr. Drew Goes Off On The LA Homelessness Crisis

(article)  : Sounding Off: Dr. Drew on How LA’s Homeless Problem is a Public Health Emergency

Reno Police and City Council members have ignored this alarm for years when they had the chance to clean out numerous, large vagrant camps to prevent a serious health crisis. Reno’s “Camp Removals,” on the rare occasions when they occurred, have seldom resulted in ticketing or arrests. RPD typically just pushes vagrants from one location to another, and the problem has steadily increased.

Now, with the COVID-19 virus situation, the Center for Disease Control is telling cities NOT to remove homeless camps until the virus is gone, because they fear it could spread the virus. 

The Council and RPD’s failure to remove the homeless camps when they COULD have, has put Reno in a tenuous situation. The city is fighting COVID-19 on one hand. Meanwhile, large vagrant camps that are STILL in place have the potential for spreading additional diseases that are exponentially more dangerous than the current virus, including: typhus, TB, and bubonic plague. 

How has the Council responded to this leadership failure of massively dangerous proportions? They are planning to appoint RPD Chief Jason Soto to ALSO become Reno’s acting City Manager at their April 22 meeting. This means that the same Chief who has delivered to Reno citizens a spiking crime rate, a national crime grade of “F”, and dangerous blundering in mishandling illegal homeless camps, is now going to be using his same failed leadership skills to make more decisions impacting Reno’s future. 

In case you missed this in the news:

Leading epidemiologists and researchers say maintaining quarantines could make COVID-19 worse in the long term

A growing number of doctors and medical researchers believe the extreme quarantines for COVID-19 could create worse effects than if normal community activity had been maintained. Experts are voicing their concern that the quarantines prevent the public from developing needed “group immunity,” and should not have been implemented until more complete data was available. See the full article from The Daily Wire.

(article) : Epidemiologist Warns Of Unintended Consequences From Lockdowns

The “Decarcerating,” “Depolicing,” and “Decriminalizing” of Reno?

San Francisco is making news again in how it chooses to fight the spread of COVID-19. To avoid more outbreaks, the city recently released nearly 50% of its jail population (68% of whom were violent offenders). To keep its vagrant population from moving around, SF Police are allowing open-air drug markets, uncontested sex trafficking, and public camping anywhere in the city, and even offering free tents.

How does Reno’s approach compare with San Francisco’s? Reno is greatly limiting who it incarcerates, continues to refuse to enforce much of the Municipal Law Code with vagrants, and allows illegal public camping almost anywhere. Read the full article from the City Journal.

Article: Chaos by the Bay: San Francisco responds to the coronavirus with an experiment in lawlessness


ENOUGH! Council and RPD allowing Truckee Riverfront to turn into a disease incubator 

(see lead story)

A local boater recently paddled down the Truckee River from Mayberry Park to Sparks, journaling the hundreds of illegal vagrants and camps he spotted. The following excerpts from his river trip speak volumes about the filth, sewage, crime, and health hazards being allowed to increase exponentially by the Reno City Council and RPD. Remember, Sparks has NONE of these camps on their part of the Truckee. Why can Sparks keep the Truckee cleared, but not Reno?
Dickerson Road: two homeless camps where the road is beside the river
Keystone Bridge South: crammed with tents and 15-20 people.
Lake Street Bridge: multiple camps
2nd Street Bridge: multiple camps
Aces Ballpark: Camps along the fence at the east end and along the railroad tracks
Wells Avenue Bridge: camps on both sides
Above Sutro Bridge: several camps along the bike path
North side under Sutro Bridge: a huge encampment
Below Sutro: camps on both sides
Below Sutro to Champion Park: infested with camps all along the river side
Footbridge across the River below Champion Park: numerous camps on both sides
Island area below Indian Health/Mill End Fabrics: numerous camps on both sides

Upstream and downstream of Kietzke: several camps
Entrance to Fisherman’s Park: several camps
Glendale Bridge: still some camps on that “island” by the metal access bridge
Glendale Bridge: multiple camps
Near GSR RV Park: plenty of camps
Terminal Way/ Greg Street: several camps upstream
Reno Corporate Yard upstream of Rock Park: several camps
Upstream and downstream from Edison Way: several large camps
Downstream of the East McCarran Bridge: 2 camps

As for the City of Sparks, they still set the high standard for dealing with the homeless camps on the Truckee. They had ZERO CAMPS along the sections that were paddled by boater.

NON-Arrest of the Week

A Nevada Department of Corrections inmate was released from prison a little over a week ago and located to Reno. Within a few DAYS of paroling from prison, he was found acting irrationally, and RPD was called to take him into custody. A drug test administered by the Parole Office determined that the man tested positive for methamphetamines. QOL-Reno was told by local workers involved in this situation that the man was “going to jail for quite a while.” That would be true ONLY if an hour or two constitutes “quite a while.” 

The man was NOT convicted on a drug charge, NOT incarcerated in the Washoe County jail, and did NOT have his parole violated and get sent back to prison. Instead, his parole officer simply gave the man a warning, and he continues to freely walk the streets of Reno. Nevada is ranked as having one of the lowest recidivism rates in the nation. Is this the way they have achieved it?

QOL-Reno and Stronghold Institute offer 2 days/week LIVE Facebook Programming

QOL-Reno/Stronghold Institute has recently begun offering a well-received list of live shows, broadcast on its Facebook pages. The shows currently run between 9:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Offerings include:

“Race Across America” – The most honest, Black and White look at local and national racial issues, both past and present, available anywhere. A lively dialogue is always guaranteed. Call-ins are welcome.
“White Hot in Reno” – A no-holds-barred blast on Reno’s biggest issues by QOL-Reno co-director Paul White, and whoever has the nerve to jump in the discussion with him.
“Cookin’ with Jesus” – Join Amanda as she presents a cooking show that combines easy-to-make dishes with Bible stories that connect with the featured entrée.
“LT’s Man Cave: Hangin’ with My Bro’s – LaMarcus and guests offer straight-from-the heart discussions about the issues that men of all ages need to confront and handle more effectively. (Mature Content)
“Pray for the Day” and “Teach Your Child the Bible in 5 Minutes/Day” – Respectively, a Bible point-of-view on a nationally trending issue, and a proven approach for teaching your child the priceless moral lessons of Bible stories.
“Amanda’s World” – How does a single mom parenting 3 young children balance a full-time job, college classes, sobriety, an incarcerated spouse, and recovering from years on the street? We honestly DON’T know how she does it … but more people each week are tuning in to find out, ask for help, and offer encouragement. (Mature Content)
“Political Ponderings” and “Community Watch Dog” – Tune in to hear Bruce Parks and Jeff Church provide, respectively, insightful information and education about our U.S. Constitution, AND … the legal, ethical, and financial situation in the city of Reno, Washoe County, and in WCSD schools.
“So You Think You’re a Good Parent?”Kid-Whisperer” Paul White shares decades of education experience with thousands of kids and their parents – highlighting what effective parents DO.

Watch “The 2020 HONEST State of the City Address”

Find out what’s REALLY going on In Reno?

Video: The Honest 2020 Reno State of the City Address


Of the 1,000+ chronic vagrants living on the street in Reno and complaining about a lack of services, not ONE of them is legitimately “homeless.” QOL-Reno can get ANY person living on the street housed and employed within 72 hours, IF the individual is simply willing to comply with the following:

Be clean and sober, willing to work, willing to follow laws, and be willing to accept mental health care

Attention all parents of school-age children:

• WCSD schools rank among the last in the nation
A QOL-Reno WCSD teachers poll confirmed student discipline, strong moral values, and objective teaching to be almost non-existent
School leaders deny the facts and the situation worsens

Why would any parent keep their child enrolled in WCSD? Contact QOL-Reno for a wide variety of education options for your child. 

Police, City Workers, and WCSD Teachers:

The Community needs you to speak up!

YOU know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it. Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.

Calling All Nevada Patriots

The Nevada Patriot group is holding virtual meetings every Thursday at 6 pm. Stay up-to-date on issues affecting our community and hear from local and national experts. Contact for the Zoom link and a password to enter the meetings. Check out their website at

Contact Your Reno City Council Members and County Commissioners


Thank you to Nevada Patriots for providing this helpful compilation of representative contact info.