Hot Sheet #27

RPD ignores vagrant lawbreakers; “Gently” intimidates legitimate protestors

RPD continues to allow hundreds of illegal vagrant camps to operate without police interference, violating ALL quarantine orders and the Municipal Criminal Code, and ruining Reno’s water supply, health, and safety.  

That’s why it’s puzzling that RPD made it a priority last Saturday (4/25/20) to deploy more than a dozen fully-armed officers, with numerous more on standby, to a small, brief, and peaceful economic-lockdown protest at San Rafael Park. The event drew ZERO counter-protestors.
Bike officers, armed with their usual pistols, tasers, and clubs, weaved in-and-around the peaceful and largely senior protestors, in what can only be described as subliminal harassment. With “kind and gentle” intimidation, RPD pleasantly told the protestors they were there to “keep them safe.” Safe from what threat was not apparent because there were no individuals or groups protesting the protest. Media reports stated that the Fight for Nevada group sponsoring the activity had no permit to hold their rally. What was NOT reported, is that the City of Reno denied the group a permit, and provided no reason or explanation. The denial could not have had anything to do with quarantine restrictions because RPD is allowing hordes of criminal vagrants to violate these orders on a daily basis.

2016:  Reno City Council selects new Chief of Police who lacks minimum job qualifications
2020:  Deja vu? Reno City Council selects new City Manager who lacks minimum job qualifications

Sometimes, the headlines tell the whole story.


What motivate$ a public police agency to shift their allegiance and become a private political army?

The Reno Police Department took two more disturbing steps this week toward becoming a private political army for City Council members, instead of a public police force for the entire community.

(Note:  There is NO law in Reno requiring that a face mask be worn in public.)

Step 1:  
In a (video) posted in the April 25, 2020 Reno Gazette Journal, RPD Chief Jason Soto stated RPD’s willingness and authority to send officers to confront ANYONE not wearing a face-mask – if Soto even thinks a mask-less person is a hazard. Soto states in the video that he’s “amazed at how cooperative people have been.” What response would be expected when a fully-armed RPD cop, in a public setting, walks up to a local resident who’s broken no law and says, “Don’t you want to wear a mask?”  

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, a strong supporter of hiring the unqualified Soto to become Reno’s Chief of Police 4 years ago (and now City Manager), previously stated her wish that she could “mandate” a way to force everyone in Reno to wear a mask, but she was told that she can’t. Having your Chief of Police do that for you is the next best thing. (Article) 

Step 2:  

On Saturday, April 25, Reno Police deployed a dozen fully-armed RPD officers to San Rafael Park to weave in-and-amongst protestors to “keep them safe” when there were NO counter-protesters to protect them FROM.  The protesters’ only offense was that they opposed a policy supported by Reno’s City Council. (It is noteworthy, however, that RPD sends NO officers to police the hundreds of illegal vagrant camps that traffic daily in drugs, weapons, and stolen property, and pollute the Truckee River, Reno’s drinking water supply. 

The inconsistency in RPD’s law enforcement priorities is understandable when you know the quid pro quo that exists between the Reno City Council and RPD. The Council agrees to unaffordable increases in RPD’s salary and benefits package that are bankrupting the city and resulting in countless police officers earning $225-$350,000+ per year even though the base pay rate is closer to $90,000/year.  In return:
• RPD’s union delivers the law enforcement bloc vote to incumbent Council members in election years
• the Chief follows the Council’s ultra-liberal direction to selectively enforce Reno’s Municipal Criminal Code against criminal vagrants and harass opposition groups or individuals that publicly oppose Council’s positions.

Recent QOL-Reno conversations with vagrant-by-choice homeless

Couple #1:

Age? 50’s, “married”
Time living on the street in Reno?  Several weeks
Current residence?  Living illegally in a Reno park
Reason for NOT taking available beds at homeless shelter? They separate men and women
Looking for?  Free housing and money to live on
Health?  Healthy enough to work
WILLING to Work?  Yes, BUT…
• NOT willing to temporarily foster-care their dog (makes them unemployable)
• NOT willing to get help for treatable mental health condition (makes them unemployable)
• NOT willing to work a job where they EVER have to be separated (makes them unemployable)
• Declined to pursue several job leads they were given
Response to QOL’s efforts to show them how they could help themselves?  Cursed us out

Couple #2:

Age?  20’s (call themselves “married”, but are not)
Time living on the street in Reno?  1 year
Current “residence”?  “Here and there”
Reason for NOT taking available beds at homeless shelter?  No answer
Looking for?  Job and housing
Health?  Healthy
Willing to Work? Yes, BUT …
• Have had no ID for a year (no explanation & makes them unemployable)
• Have no phone (No reason for lack of a free “Obama phone” (Makes them unemployable)
• No food stamps (very unusual)
• No explanation for why they hadn’t applied to Salvation Army, Gospel Mission, etc. for housing and a chance to get their minds straight.
Response to QOL-Reno’s efforts to show them how they could help themselves?  Appreciative

QOL-Reno/Stronghold Institute offers live Facebook programming 2-days/week

QOL-Reno/Stronghold Institute has recently begun offering a well-received list of live shows, broadcast on its Facebook pages.  The shows currently run between 9:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Offerings include:

“Race Across America”

The most honest, black and white look at local and national racial issues, past and present, that is available anywhere.  A lively dialogue is always guaranteed. Call-ins are welcome.

“White Hot in Reno”

A no-holds-barred blast on Reno’s biggest issues by QOL-Reno Co-Director Paul White, and whoever has the nerve to jump in the discussion with him.

“Cookin’ with Jesus”

Join Amanda as she presents a cooking show that combines easy-to-make dishes with Bible stories that connect with the featured entrée.

“LT’s Man Cave: Hangin’ with My Bro’s”

LaMarcus and guests offer straight-from-the heart discussions about issues that men of all ages need to confront and handle more effectively. (Mature Content)

“Pray for the Day” and “Teach Your Child the Bible in 5 Minutes/Day”

Respectively, a Bible point-of-view on a nationally trending issue, and a proven approach for teaching your child the priceless moral lessons of Bible stories.

“Amanda’s World”

How does a single mom parenting 3 young children balance a full-time job, college classes, sobriety, an incarcerated spouse, and recovering from years in the street? We honestly don’t know how she does it … but more people each week are tuning in to find out, ask for help, and offer encouragement. (Mature Content)

“Political Ponderings” and “Community Watch Dog”

Tune in to hear Bruce Parks and Jeff Church, respectively, provide insightful and inciteful  information and education about our U.S. Constitution, and … the legal, ethical, and financial situations in the city of Reno and Washoe County Schools.

“So You Think You’re a Good Parent?”

“Kid-Whisperer” Paul White shares decades of education experience with thousands of kids and their parents, highlighting what effective parents DO and what ineffective parents DON’T do.

Watch “The 2020 HONEST State of the City Address”

Find out what’s REALLY going on in Reno.


Of the 1,000+ chronic vagrants living on the street in Reno and complaining about a lack of services, not ONE of them is legitimately “homeless.” QOL-Reno can get ANY person living on the street housed and employed within 72 hours, IF the individual is simply willing to work, be clean and sober, and accept mental health care if needed.


• WCSD schools rank among the last in the nation
• A QOL-Reno WCSD teachers poll confirmed student discipline, strong moral values, and objective teaching to be almost non-existent
• School leaders deny the facts and the situation worsens

Why would any parent keep their child enrolled in WCSD? Contact QOL-Reno for a wide variety of education options for your child.


YOU know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run.  The community needs to know about it.  Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.

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