Reporting – or Creating the News?

News4/Fox11 and RGJ Assist Candidate’s Self-Promotion

On April 29, both News4/Fox11 television and the Reno Gazette Journal chose to report as news a promotional activity by Council Member Devon Reese. Mr. Reese, a Council appointee, is running for election against 3 other candidates.

RGJ and News4/Fox11 posted videos and articles about a press-conference event, staged by Reese’s campaign.

(Video MyNews4) (Article RGJ)(Article NewsReview) 

The media gave full coverage to a carefully crafted event that detailed the selfless, heroic adventures of Mr. Reese as he went out into the community to deliver food to the hungry. Later, Reese worried that a mild headache/stomachache might indicate COVID-19, so he decided to be tested for the virus (negative). New4/Fox11 and the RGJ covered the melodramatic activities, downplaying the fact that Reese chose not to stay quarantined for a non-essential activity, thus violating the Council’s directive to the REST of Reno residents. Media reports DID include the statement that Reese felt it was his moral duty to break the rules in order to feed the hungry. He later admitted that his part in the food distribution activity was primarily “logistics.”

QOL-Reno called News4/Fox 11’s News Director and General Manager to ask them why – in the last few weeks of a quarantined campaign season, when ALL candidates are struggling to get their faces in front of the public – Mr. Reese’s activity was judged worthy of major coverage. Why was the political timing of Reese’s self-promotion never questioned by the either media outlet? Neither of the News4/Fox11 supervisors responded, and the RGJ did not respond to calls.

None of the media contacted the 3 challengers running against Reese to offer them equal time for self-promoting presentations to voters.

Community Members Speak Out About Worsening Vagrant Camps on the Truckee River that RPD & Council are Allowing

How is the City Council’s/RPD’s no-law-enforcement policy working  in regard to illegal vagrant camps, especially on the Truckee River? Here’s what community members shared this week.

“I’ve never seen as many homeless camps by the river as there are now. With the vagrants living in filthy sanitary conditions, trash and sewage everywhere, and packed in tight with each other, why aren’t the Police enforcing the COVID-19 rules that everyone else is having to follow, for the sake of the community’s safety?  (Former public safety worker)


“As the photos I sent you depict, the growth of vagrants on the river has now gone beyond a human and environmental crisis. As a taxpaying citizen that attempts to enjoy the dilapidated state of this “gem” of a river – it is a travesty of human waste.

Traveling from the downtown- Auto Museum – to East McCarran, I observed individuals cooking, peeing as well as dumping their trash into the river. How about all the drugs, alcohol and sex trafficking besides all other infestations? Is this compassion? And the mounting garbage? Who pays for cleanup? We ALL do.”  (Reno resident)


“On my most recent kayak trip down the Truckee last week, I started seeing vagrant camps around the West McCarran Bridge, and a burnt a patch of land from a fire they had recently set.

Several new camps on the south side of the river already have created HUGE amounts of trash.  Look for the BIG Orange tent.

There is a massive camp under the Keystone Bridge on the south side, with lots of trash.

I was hoping to celebrate my birthday with a nice paddle. I hope that maybe for my next birthday that there  will be NO HOMELESS CAMPS along our cities biggest resource for recreation, drinking water and our city’s life blood. Lots of trash IN the river as well, and it is not even tubing season yet.”  (Reno resident)

Are the People on the Street Truly Homeless, or Just Vagrants-by-Choice?  You Decide

A family of 3 living on the street contacted QOL-Reno/Stronghold Institute last week, saying that they’d heard we offer help.  We said we certainly do and would like to help them.  We asked what their situation was.

• Two healthy adults: husband, wife, and 18 year-old son

• 6 animals (4 cats and 2 dogs)

• None of them are working; living in motels paid for through begging

QOL-Reno told them that their problems were over, IF…

• They could test clean for drugs. (They said they could.)

• They would place their pets in foster care or turn them in to the Humane Society.

Once that was done, we told them that within 72 hours, we could have ALL 3 of them making at last $14/hour EACH in currently available warehouse or construction jobs.  That would give them, collectively, almost $1800 at the end of the first week.  That would give them the ability to rent a one-month motel room for $800-900 and still have $600-700 to live off of for THAT week, and $5400 for the next 3 weeks!

On TOP of that, we said we could enroll their son at TMCC, where, as a full-time student, he’d qualify for free books, tuition, AND $500 per MONTH of spending money.

So with that kind of income, they could then rent a decent apartment for around $900, which, together with their $600 per month food stamps, 25 food pantries of free food, and 3 free “Obama Phones”, they’d be off and rolling.

What was their response?

• “We’re not willing to give up our pets.”

• “We don’t want a job; we just want money and place to live.”

I responded, “What do you want us to do?  Just write you a check for free housing and expenses forever, when you aren’t willing to do anything to help yourselves?”

Their response? “You’re no help at all.”

California Announces Plan to House Its 150,000 Homeless in Hotels 

Plan can include maid service and free delivery of food, alcohol, and drugs

California recently announced its desire to house all 150,000 of its homeless in hotels, paid for by taxpayers. Currently, about 5,000 homeless have been moved into a variety of hotels. The hotel rooms include not only free daily maid service and room service meals, but some cities are also delivering free methadone, alcohol, and/or marijuana to those considered addicts.

(Article: Hotels)  (Article: Hotel Rooms) (Article: Drug Delivery) 


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