Released After 20 Years in Prison –

Dumped on Reno’s Streets With $22 –

What Can a Legitimate “Homeless” Person Accomplish in Just 9 Weeks?

The City of Reno spends tens of millions of dollars annually on Reno’s homeless population. Most of the money spent is wasted on people who don’t want to work, live clean and sober, or obey the laws.

QOL-Reno and Stronghold Institute hav been working for the past 9 weeks with a newly-released prison inmate who just completed a 20-year sentence. His first steps in Reno were 9 weeks ago, when he was dropped off in downtown at 8:00 a.m. with $22 in his pocket and NOTHING else.

What did he DO to get his life started? It’s easier to tell what he did NOT do.

• He did NOT buy alcohol or drugs.

• He did NOT complain about anything, but simply expressed gratitude to God for his newfound freedom.

• He did NOT complain about having no place to sleep that first night because he had pre-paid a month’s rent on a half-way house while still in prison by working for YEARS at a 40 hours-per-week job for $8 per WEEK (20¢ per hour!)

• He did NOT wait to get a job, but hustled 3 different jobs in his first 3 weeks. All three required him to leave his rented room and walk or bus for two hours each way to get to work … and he NEVER complained! Two jobs dissolved with the COVID shutdown, and one was lost after an acute health problem hospitalized him for a week.

• He NEVER wasted time feeling victimized, but hustled a FOURTH job as a construction laborer that is steady and going great.

• He did NOT wastefully or selfishly spend his money. He immediately opened a bank account (which is growing weekly, while he saves-up for a car), with his biggest expense being a weekly tithe he gives to a neighborhood church he started attending immediately.

• He did NOT hide from his out-of-state family, but reached out to them and re-established an honest, new relationship.

• He’s very talented and a real entrepreneur; he is already looking at possible buildings he could both live in and operate a business from.

This man went through the worst childhood abuse we have ever heard of and survived a bout with cancer, but he never complains about the past. He has a tireless work ethic, solid integrity, a contagiously joyful personality, and a never-say-die faith and trust in God. As he says, in regard to dealing with daily challenges that arise: “God’s got this one; all I have to do is keep working and stay grateful.”

Our friend still has a long way to go, but what an incredible start he’s made! ALL of this I described was accomplished in 9 weeks by simply taking advantage of Reno’s limitless opportunities and resources.

Meanwhile, Reno’s thousands of vagrants-by-choice who are HALF my friend’s age, refuse to obey the law, work, or stay sober – live in filth and sewage, typically have lousy attitudes, and have zero interest in helping themselves or others. It’s hard to understand why the City Council is spending tens of millions of our tax dollars on this vagrant-by-choice group.

Don’t Hire the City Council’s Real Estate Agent

This week, the City Council once again implemented their real estate strategy of BUYING high and SELLING low to private developers – thus adding to Reno’s $1 billion+ debt.

First, the Council bought a commercial property downtown in 2007 for $710,000. Next, after holding this property for 13 YEARS, a recent appraisal determined that the property was worth 28% LESS than they had originally paid for it ($502,000). Finally, holding out for the “best” possible deal, the Council just sold this lot to a private developer for $375,000!

So during a period of time when the real estate market INCREASED in value by about 20%, the City Council found a way to LOSE 47% on the property value they just sold.



New WCSD Supt.’s “Donates” $30K of Her Salary to “Pay Down School Debt”:

Selfless or Self-Serving?

Just when you thought no Reno public official could out-do City Council member Devon Reese’s self-promoting food distribution/COVID-testing campaign activity (see Hot Sheet #28), along comes newly hired WCSD Superintendent Kristin McNeill.

At this week’s WCSD Board Meeting, McNeill announced her intent to donate $30,000 of her $265,000 salary back to the District to help pay down the District’s budget deficit. With a minimum deficit of $8 million, McNeill’s gesture will reduce WCSD’s indebtedness by approximately 4/10 of one percent.

McNeill also expressed her commitment to donate any additional bonuses she might earn this year to “the employees” of WCSD who are the most important members of the WCSD “team.” With a typical superintendent’s bonus of possibly $15,000, this would give each of WCSD’s 9,000 employees approximately $1.67 each. Processing and mailing 9,000 checks for that amount would probably cost the District most of the donation amount.

The Hot Sheet has a suggestion for how Supt. McNeill can genuinely convince WCSD teachers that they – not superintendents – are WCSD’s most important employees. McNeill’s full annual salary of $265k is almost 7 TIMES greater than the $39,000 per year salary of a beginning teacher. A superintendent is more valuable than SEVEN beginning teachers? Even if you take the highest possible salary a WCSD teacher can earn with the same education, credentials, and service years that Ms. McNeill has, about $76,000/year, the Superintendent still makes almost 4 TIMES as much. A superintendent is more valuable than 4 absolutely top teachers?

If McNeill wants to demonstrably show her commitment to “servant leadership,” supporting teachers, and helping lift WCSD out of its perennial position as the lowest ranked schools in the nation, she would do the following.

1) Give the teachers what they REALLY need, which is to get rid of  WCSD’s no-accountability “Restorative Discipline” policy, that is destroying staff morale and allowing our students to run wild with disrespectful and violent classroom behavior. This irresponsible policy is the biggest contributor to minimal classroom learning.

2) Make a public commitment that diplomas will not be granted to ANY student who cannot pass a WCSD competency exam and prove that they have the level of literacy skills necessary for college level/tech school success. No exam is currently administered.

3) Commit to working for the same annual salary as a top-ranked WCSD teacher. The only thing added to that amount, at the same per diem, would be the 53 extra days/year that a superintendent works more than a teacher. This would give McNeill an annual salary of approximately $99,000 per year, or about $166,000 LESS than the amount she just signed for. This would show genuine interest in improving our schools, and true solidarity with her 3,500 teachers, as opposed to her $30K grandstanding gesture, which has the distinct flavor of a queen bestowing crumbs upon her subjects (teachers), who are struggling to survive on morale-destroying policies  and minimal salaries.

Misleading Euphemism of the Week: “Reno’s Clean and Safe Team”

Reno taxpayers subsidize what the City Council calls their “Clean and Safe Team,” whose goal is to  “…address public health and welfare issues within the City … [and] provide a predictable and proactive City response to public health and safety issues. We are ensuring that our parks are clean, safe, and usable for all.”

Translation: The Clean Safe Team is the group that is NOT making Reno clean or safe. It works with RPD to NOT clear-out illegal homeless camps with their abundant amounts of sewage and drug needles. The C&S Team simply makes the vagrants-by-choice move – from one illegal campsite to another, to another, and then another.  The C&S Team definitely do NOT “respond to public health and safety issues” because if they DID, they would not allow these camps, incubators for crime and disease throughout our community, to continue to expand.

Community Members Speak Out About Worsening Vagrant-by-Choice Situation

• “The homeless are taking over, and RPD and the City Council don’t seem to care. They [homeless] are everywhere: Truckee River, West Fourth past Keystone, Pickett Park, Washington Street, and more.  I can’t understand why nothing is being done.”  (Local resident)

• “I live in Mid-town and our main park is being taken over. I live nearby, and my daily view out of my large window is all the vagrants ruining our park. What can we do?”  (Midtown resident)

• “Just an update on our (once) lovely Whitaker Park. When the quarantine measure set in, and they opened space in the Convention Center for the homeless, the number of tents in Whitaker spiked! Of course, at the very time the City Council is spending money to provide a lot of shelter space, the homeless chose to trash our park. There were well over 12 large tents/camps scattered throughout Whitaker Park. I watched the police chief say on the news that they’re not enforcing the laws during the quarantine period. Seems like an easy excuse to me…. I didn’t write any letters or call anyone because I knew what they’d say. Then, much to my surprise, the City finally cleared the entire park on Wednesday. This is the first time in about a year and a half with zero tents in the park. I wish I could say I’m confident the city will keep up with the camps, but with RPD refusing to ticket the law breakers, I suspect homeless will slowly return, and the city will have to spend even more money clearing them out a few months from now.”  (Whitaker Park resident)

“ Still a large (vagrant) camp downstream of West McCarran Bridge about 300 yards on the south shore with of course massive trash and junk.  Again look for the big tent along the river and all the crap they have accumulated. There are still two camps along Dickerson Road along the river below the pump station and above the old trailer park. There’s the start of a small camp about 100 yards upstream of Booth Street Bridge. Now that the trees have created cover there is a camp on the “island” on the south shore above Wingfield Park. Of course there are still folks living by the tennis courts at Barbara Bennet Park.  Hope the city can remove the camp downstream of W McCarran Bridge it is getting out of hand. (Most recent kayaker report)

QOL-Reno & Stronghold Institute Offer 2-Days/Week of LIVE Facebook Programming

QOL-Reno and Stronghold Institute have recently begun offering a well-received list of live shows, broadcast on its facebook pages. The shows currently run between 9:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Offerings include:

“Race Across America”

The most honest, black and white look at local and national racial issues – past and present, that is available anywhere. A lively dialogue is always guaranteed. Call-ins welcome.

“White Hot in Reno”

A no-holds-barred blast on Reno’s biggest issues by QOL-Reno co-director Paul White, and whoever has the nerve to jump in the discussion with him.

“Cookin’ with Jesus”

Join Amanda as she presents a cooking show for kids that combines easy-to-make dishes with Bible stories that connect with the featured entrée.

“LT’s Man Cave: Hangin’ with My Bro’s”

LaMarcus and guests offer straight-from-the heart discussions about the issues that men of ALL ages need to confront and handle more effectively. (Mature content)

“Pray for the Day” and “Teach Your Child the Bible in 5 Minutes/Day”

Respectively, a Bible point-of-view on a nationally trending issue, and a proven approach for teaching your child the priceless moral lessons of Bible stories.

“Amanda’s World”

How DOES a single mom parenting 3 young children balance a full-time job, college classes, sobriety, an incarcerated spouse, and recovering from years on the street? We honestly DON’T know how she does it … but more people each week are tuning in to find out, ask for help, and offer encouragement. (Mature content)

“Political Ponderings” and “Community Watch Dog”

Tune in to hear Bruce Parks and Jeff Church provide, respectively,  inciteful information and education about our U.S. Constitution, AND … the legal/ethical/financial situation in the city of Reno and in Washoe County Schools

“So You Think You’re a Good Parent?”

“Kid-Whisperer” Paul White shares decades of education experience with thousands of kids and their parents: highlighting what effective parents DO, that ineffective parents do NOT do. All-Star Parent guests also participate.

Watch “The 2020 HONEST State of the City Address”

Find Out What’s REALLY Going On In Reno

The QOL-Reno Homeless Challenge to City Council

Of the 1,000+ chronic vagrants living on the street in Reno and complaining about a lack of services, not ONE of them is legitimately “homeless.” QOL-Reno can get ANY person living on the street housed and employed within 72 hours, IF the individual is simply willing to comply with the following:

• Clean and sober • Willing to work   • Follow laws  • Will accept mental health care if needed

Attention All Parents of School-Age Children

• WCSD schools rank last in the nation
• A QOL-Reno WCSD teachers poll confirmed student discipline, strong moral values, and objective teaching to be almost non-existent
• School leaders deny the facts and the situation worsens

Why would any parent keep their child enrolled in WCSD? Contact QOL-Reno for a wide variety of education options for your child.

Police, City Workers, and WCSD Teachers:


YOU know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it.  Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.

Calling All Nevada Patriots

The Nevada Patriot group is holding virtual meetings every Thursday at 6pm. Stay up-to-date on issues affecting our community and hear from local and national experts. Contact for the  Zoom link and a password to enter the meetings. Check out their website at

Contact Your Reno City Council Members and County Commissioners