Cleanup Worker in North Reno
Firebombed by Homeless Squatter Being Evicted  

Police refuse to acknowledge it even happened

On Sunday morning, September 29, a Stead vagrant and illegal squatter firebombed an occupied car of a worker who was hired by a property owner to clear off the squatters, their garbage, and their drugs. A Molotov cocktail was thrown through the vehicle’s open window, directed at the individual seated inside the vehicle.

The car immediately burst into flames and exploded. The occupant escaped, with burned clothing and minor burns to his body, just moments before the car was totally engulfed in flames and destroyed. Before and after photos of the car and the victim are below. 

The RFD responded to the fire, and the RPD sent several units. Tragic as that is, that is not the worst part. 

The workers told the RPD who responded to the firebombing about a large amount of drugs they’d collected in cleaning up the property and asked them to take them. RPD refused to take possession of the drugs.

The RPD incident report indicated “Arson,” even though a molotov cocktail thrown into an occupied vehicle could very likely have been deadly. There is no indication that the perpetrator(s) is being sought, nor has any inspector or detective reached out to the victim for more information.

QOL-Reno asked RPD to comment on the incident. The responding supervising officer initially reported that incident details were not known, but later was able to recall details once told that the incident report and its number had been seen.

RPD was asked why the countless numbers of illegal squatters living in the Stead hills, making, using, and selling drugs, dumping sewage and drug contaminants onto private property had been allowed to remain undisturbed, they stated that didn’t know about the situation and would have someone from RPD respond within 2 days. No response has been received as of this posting. 

On Monday, October 7, at 9:45 a.m., QOL-Reno and Monica Jaye of the Monica Jaye Show on 99.1 FM KKFT are sponsoring a community visit to the area on N. Virginia St. and its environs for local political representatives, the media, and interested community members to see firsthand the dangerously out-of-control situation that is being allowed to exist by RPD. We invite all of you to join us. We would certainly expect Councilmember Weber, the Mayor, and City Manager, and Chief Soto to be among the first individuals to confirm attendance. Monica Jaye will broadcast her 99.1 KKFT show live at the crime scene. 

Reno Police are violating their statutory duty and endangering our community by refusing to enforce the law, in this case specifically, and in general with the entire out-of-control Stead area and beyond. It is the Reno City Council’s legal obligation to immediately address the lawlessness and hold the guilty parties accountable. Failing to do that, a state and/or federal takeover of Reno’s City government and Police Department will be requested. 

Reno’s homeless numbers and violent incidents have been grossly underreported. Join QOL-Reno’s efforts to convince our city representatives to perform their duties and address the vagrancy and squatter issues immediately.

The area we will be visiting has been allowed to become highly dangerous. All attendees participate at their own risk. QOL-Reno.org and KKFT 99.1 assume no responsibility for attendees’ presence or participation in this activity/visit. 

Oct. 4, 2019