“It’s scary here at night!”
Homeless thieves ransack Damonte Ranch Home Depot Incessantly

According to first-hand observation and employee testimonials, the Damonte Ranch Home Depot is being ransacked by shoplifters many times every day.  Many are local homeless vagrants.  

RHS observed a man riding off on a bike with an armload of expensive power tools, while half-a-dozen frustrated Home Depot employees could only stand and watch.  “That man does that several times every week,” a number of employees told RHS, “but we will be fired if we try to stop him or any of the others.” RHS spoke to a Home Depot store manager who downplayed the problem.  RHS countered that corporate polices like that make it much WORSE for their neighboring communities, because it brings that crime into their neighborhoods.  

A few weeks later, when asked if the situation had improved,  other employees said the situation had gotten worse. Employees told RHS that thieves were stealing large air conditioning units almost every night, and jumping into waiting get-away cars.  When RHS offered their sympathy, employees responded, “It’s scary working here at night, but it could be worse. Our Home Depot store on Virginia Street has MUCH more problems with this kind of theft than we do!” 

WHAT CAN YOU DO?   Call the manager of the Damonte Ranch Home Depot and demand that they take stronger steps to stop this theft epidemic, because neighboring communities are already seeing a rise in house theft. 

2-Hour RPD response time for Smith’s Market homeless problems? Kudos to Smith’s Market Managers – They’re trying to get all the abandoned cars towed out of their South Meadows parking lot, but it’s hard:  The Reno PD can’t tow cars off private property, so Smith’s has to pay up to $400 per car to get towing companies to haul off the junk cars.  Just like with Home Depot, Smith’s corporate offices are reluctant to pay the money to get rid of the abandoned cars in the parking lot, but the managers are working on solving that problem.    Regarding homeless thieves and law-breakers, Smith’s told RHS that Police response time to their calls is about 2 hours.”