Reno Hot Sheet #16
January 14, 2020

QOL-Reno Selects TMWA Director as Reno’s Citizen of the Decade!
You need to watch the presentation by Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s Andy Gebhardt (Director of Operations and Water Quality). Mr. Gebhardt’s talk and photos on the damage that is being done to our Truckee River water supply by illegal riverfront camps, must be seen to be believed. His decision to go public with this situation is the bravest and most valuable action that QOL-Reno has ever witnessed by a public official.

Mr. Gebhardt has made several public presentations, including Reno’s City Council and the Community Homeless Advisory Board (CHAB). He is still scheduling presentations for local groups. The link below is a video of his presentation.

TMWA’s Andy Gephardt presentation to City Council at Dec. 4, 2019 council meeting (videoStart at 3:09.00

EVERY Washoe resident who drinks Truckee water owes Mr. Gebhardt a letter, email, or phone call of gratitude for his courageous willingness to speak up on our community’s behalf.

City’s Half-way Approach to Removing Illegal Vagrant Camps:
NOT Working –
Wasting Millions –
Making the Situation Worse

The GOOD News: RPD, City maintenance workers, and a private contractor being paid $250k for a few months work are progressively removing dozens of illegal vagrant squatters from the Truckee River, parks, and other public areas.

The BAD News: Most of those individuals being removed are NOT being ticketed or arrested; they are simply relocating their camps nearby and/or coming right back to the same parks.

Additionally, neither the city nor the private contractor are removing the mountains of garbage and drug needles that remain stuck IN the river itself. Why do neither RPD nor the Contractor consider removing THIS trash as part of their job?

MORE Bad News: The RPD Lieutenant newly in charge of the Homeless Division spoke to local media about the cleanup efforts. He spoke proudly of the fact that because the law-breaking vagrants had left the park peaceably, RPD had made NO arrests (“legal action”) while spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, removing the massive illegal encampments at the riverfront parks. Could there be a BETTER way to motivate the illegal campers to CONTINUE their criminal behavior? Using RPD’s reasoning, if they caught a vagrant in a stolen car or robbing a bank, and the perpetrator politely turned over the keys or money to RPD, they would not arrest them.

WHY this approach will worsen the situation:
• This endless (and avoidable) version of homeless “Whack-a-Mole” being played by RPD and the City’s contractor, will become too expensive for the City to continue the movement. The City is paying the contractor a premium rate for his workers, PLUS the cost of City maintenance workers and RPD officers being pulled from other duties and/or working overtime. Reno’s current city debt is $1.2 BILLION!
• The illegal squatters will become MORE brazen because there are no real consequences for their criminal behavior. Word of Reno’s soft law enforcement will encourage MORE vagrants-by-choice to set up their law-breaking and polluting activities on the Truckee, and in our parks, businesses, and community.

The Solution – and Quote of the Week

is best expressed by a former TMWA worker:

The solution is simple: keep the damn illegal camps OFF the river, and arrest ANYone who refuses to follow that law.

I don’t know where the public’s apathy toward this serious issue comes from. The community just doesn’t know what’s going on. If they did, they would do something about it.

The public should not be stupid to the fact that (City Council) continues to allow public health and safety hazards to exist on the Truckee.

Local Media Trying to Keep QOL-Reno From Telling Community the Truth
The Dan Mason Talk Show on KOH 780 AM advertises itself as providing the Reno community with “… in depth discussion of the issues and current events…”

Apparently, that’s ONLY true if your opinion is something Dan Mason agrees with. This week, two different QOL-Reno employees called-in to the KOH program to share their thoughts on that day’s topic of Homelessness. One employee was hung-up on after identifying himself, and the other was told that QOL-Reno’s opinions were not welcome because “(Dan Mason) doesn’t like your tactics.” No further explanation was given.

Big Box Stores Continue Allowing Shoplifters to Steal Anything and Everything With NO Consequences
Employees who try to stop the criminals get fired
“RPD won’t respond unless the stolen amount EXCEEDS $1,200.” What?!
Reno’s large corporate stores like Home Depot and WalMart continue to allow teams of thieves to brazenly steal cart-loads of high-priced items – in broad daylight – on a daily basis. Employees of these stores have repeatedly attested to this to QOL-Reno. The employees are frustrated because their supervisors threaten to fire any employee who tries to stop this large-scale theft, even as the problem increases.

One grocery store manager was told by RPD that unless the stolen amount EXCEEDED $1,200, (6 full shopping carts!), that RPD would not even respond to a 911 call.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Call the RPD Chief of Police, the City Manager, the City Attorney, the Mayor, and your City Council Member and demand that they stop allowing this behavior because it encourages a citywide disrespect for lawful behavior.


WCSD schools rank last in the nation. Our QOL-WCSD teachers poll confirmed that student discipline, strong moral values, and objective teaching about political and social issues are in serious decline. ANY reasonable parent should be looking at educational alternatives to keeping  their children in WCSD. Contact QOL-Reno to learn about a wide variety of education options for your child.

Schedule our eye-opening presentation for any group of any size. Speaker: Tim McGivney- Reno resident and former homeless man and drug addict. Contact QOL-Reno to book a presentation.

If you’re a City of Reno worker or a WCSD educator, you know the firsthand truth about how our city and schools are being run. The community needs to know about it. Contact QOL-Reno in complete anonymity: (775) 685-8200.