#6 – Oct. 8, 2019

North Valley/Peavine “Field Trip” Results
Growing mobs of criminal squatters with no fear of Reno Police whose answers are:
“We don’t know”
“We can’t comment
“We can’t do anything”

We HATE to say that our October 7 North Valley/Peavine “field trip” with KKFT 99.1 FM’s Monica Jaye Show was a huge success … but it was.

We did NOT want to find countless illegal vagrant and criminal squatters trespassing on public and private properties … but we did.

We did NOT want to see evidence everywhere of sewage dumping, mountains of garbage, and toxic drug waste … but we did.

We did NOT want to hear the Reno Police Department say they can’t DO anything about this situation, TALK about it, or even ADMIT it exists … but we did.

We did NOT want to see North Valley’s City Council representative Bonnie Weber and Mayor Shieve completely ignore this situation and not show up … but that’s what they did.

Now what? What can concerned Reno residents do?

Criminal vagrants falsely identifying themselves as “homeless” are:

  • Taking over our city parks, downtown, and neighborhoods
  • Spiking our crime and murder rates
  • Polluting our critically important Truckee River water supply

When asked to do their job:  Our Chief of Police, Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and City Attorney won’t acknowledge, talk about – or DO – anything about the problem.

Anyone who cares about this situation has two choices:

1) Sit home and watch in fear and anger as Reno turns into San Francisco


2) Join QOL-Reno’s group of concerned citizens to take back these areas.

One at a time, help us make large-scale citizen’s arrests at these illegal homeless/squatter camps.

This will force Reno Police Department to write court-appearance citations for the criminal vagrants’ lawbreaking. QOL-Reno will then appear in court to confront the perpetrators on their court dates, and see if the judge just gives them a free pass to go out to do the same thing again.

Targeted area #1 for Citizens’ Arrests: Pickett Park, 250 Kirman Ave. (across from Renown)

When:  This Saturday, October 12 at 10:00 a.m.  (Meet in the parking lot by the covered picnic area)


  • With the video-camera rolling and media present, we will all approach the covered picnic area and bathrooms, which, for over a YEAR, have been completely controlled by drug-dealing, criminal, service-resistant individuals.
  • We will observe any criminal activity (LOTS to choose from), then choose which activities to make the citizen’s arrest complaints on.
  • We will call Reno Police Department to come issue the citations and/or take the individuals into custody, depending on the crimes.
  • QOL-Reno will sign the citations.

“Never doubt that a small, committed group of individuals can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”   (Margaret Meade)

“All it requires for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing.”
(Edmund Burke)

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, October 12, at 10:00 a.m. at Pickett Park.

Please contact QOL-Reno.org if you plan to participate via email or at (775) 685.8200

PLEASE NOTE:  You participate in this activity at your own risk. QOL-Reno.org assumes no responsibility or liability for your participation. Reno’s chronically vagrant homeless population has the highest crime rate of any Reno demographic.

Click HERE to listen to the October 7, 2019 KKFT 99.1 Live Broadcast of the North Valley / Peavine activity. http://bit.ly/car_bombing