#8 – Oct. 22, 2019

Pickett Park Vagrant Removal
Reno PD proves they CAN enforce the laws when they are allowed to

QOL-Reno cancelled its citizens arrest activity for October 12 because the Reno Police Chief chose to allow officers to clear Pickett Park of legal violations prior to the planned Saturday event. RPD has proven that they can enforce our laws and keep our public areas safe and clean. Why won’t the RPD Chief allow officers to enforce our laws with all illegal homeless-by-choice camps throughout Reno?

North Valley Squatters Removal
What do you do when your police officers are not allowed to enforce the law?

QOL-Reno’s field trip to the North Valley hills on October 7, 2019 with the Monica Jaye Show live broadcast revealed dozens of criminal, homeless-by-choice squatters.

Reno Police Department administration told QOL-Reno and the media in attendance that if “No Trespassing” notices were posted on the properties, along with property owners’ written permission to remove trespassing squatters, RPD would immediately clear the properties of the squatters.

QOL-Reno obtained property owners’ written permission and served No Trespassing notices to six squatter camps on October 17th. Three WCSD Sheriff’s units accompanied QOL-Reno when the notices were posted and served, but the area is the responsibility of RPD. Where was RPD, and where are they now?

As of this writing, RPD Chief’s Office is refusing to communicate with QOL-Reno or enforce the law against the illegal squatters and is instead referring QOL-Reno to the Reno Direct line without any responses to requests.

The law demands that RPD immediately visit the property to remove the squatters. Updates will follow.


• Call the RPD Chief’s Administrative Offices (334.2101), and demand that they allow officers to enforce Reno’s Law Code equally with all citizens in all public and private areas. 

• Attend the City Council meeting this Wednesday, October 23 at 9:00 a.m. Sign up for a 3-minute speaking slot and tell the Council how you feel about having a Police Chief who endangers the community by enforcing the laws only when he feels like it. Call the Council member who represents your Ward to hold them accountable. 

• Contact Ward 4 Council Member Bonnie Weber, and ask her why she has shown zero interest in this issue that directly affects every resident in her North Valley Ward. 334.2015 – 677.6881 – weberb@reno.gov

• Plan to attend QOL-Reno’s “Riverfront 1000 Walking Tour” (details forthcoming)

Two Serious Fire Truck Crashes, 1 fatality in 8 weeks
No report issued regarding sobriety of either RFD driver –
RFD Chief expresses regret regarding civilian death,
but has ZERO interest in changing the irresponsible RFD Drug/Alcohol Policy

The Reno Fire Department has had two serious crashes with its engines in the last 8 weeks (August 20 and October 19, 2019). The most recent crash killed a pedestrian. In spite of written requests, the investigating law enforcement agencies have not publicly released any information regarding the sobriety of either RFD driver other than to state that blood samples were drawn. No details were provided regarding when, where, or who drew the blood samples. The RFD contract with the City of Reno allows firefighters to operate machinery while having quantities of substances (alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and opioids) in their system ranging up to 5 times the DUI limit. No consequences or random drug testing is required even at these limits. (See RFD drug/alcohol policy)

RFD Chief Dave Cochran issued a public statement of sympathy for the pedestrian who was killed October 19th. When QOL-Reno contacted Chief Cochran about 2 months ago, he refused to communicate, expressed no interest in discussing the issue, and showed no concern for the public safety threat by the outrageous RFD drug/alcohol policy. QOL-Reno found similar lack of interest in changing this policy when we personally visited and distributed copies of this drug/alcohol policy to every RFD fire station in the city.

What Can You Do? 

Call Reno City Manager Sabra Newby (334.2400) and your City Council representative to demand an explanation for the City’s 17-year approval of the RFD drug/alcohol policy. 

WCSD Superintendent/School Board President Katy Simon-Holland refuses QOL-Reno’s $5k Public Debate invitation
The f
orum/debate on our worst schools in the nation will take place with or without them

QOL-Reno has offered the WCSD Superintendent and School Board President a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice, in exchange for their participation in a public debate about the state of our WCSD schools, currently ranked 49th in the nation. Superintendent Kristin McNeill and Board President Katy Holland’s counter offer was to answer pre-submitted questions – without debate – on the Monica Jaye KKFT talk show. 

QOL-Reno rejected this proposal as a further attempt by WCSD to cover up the truth about our schools’ dysfunctional situation. The forum/debate about WCSD will take place – with or without WCSD’s participation. Details will be forthcoming. 

What Can You Do?

Email the WCSD school board and tell them how you feel about a superintendent and Board president who ignore the community and refuse to answer important questions about the deplorable state of our WCSD schools.