30-Day Homeless-Challenge Results:
QOL-Reno proves Council doesn’t understand
the problem and is wasting MILLION$

On November 25, 2019, QOL-Reno presented a challenge to the City Council.

From 11/24/19 to 12/24/19, the City Council couldn’t find ONE of Reno’s 1,000 chronic on-the-street vagrants, falsely identifying themselves as legitimately homeless, who QOL-Reno couldn’t get housed and employed in 72 hours, IF the vagrant was willing to simply:
• Get clean and sober
• Work a steady job that QOL-Reno would help them find
• Get mental health treatment if they needed it

QOL’s opinion is that Reno’s 1,000 vagrants are ON the streets (and not in the countless good, supportive programs)  because they don’t WANT to do what it takes to get off the street, NOT because of a lack of jobs or affordable housing.

Thirty days later on Dec. 24,
QOL’s premise was proven 100% correct.

After offering QOL’s housing and employment package to hundreds of vagrants, QOL and the Downtown Ambassadors found only 22 individuals who called QOL to ask for more details.
• Of these 22 individuals who called QOL, 21 immediately lost interest and disappeared when they were told that in order to get housing, they had to stop using drugs/alcohol and be willing to work a steady job.
ONE PERSON out of the 1,000 vagrants on the street said she would be willing to fulfill the requirements. Twenty-four hours later, QOL had her employed in a $15.50/hour job and with a bank account for her pay checks and Social Security check. Because she was employed, the VOA shelter agreed to extend her residency for a few more weeks until the nice-quality, affordable apartment she found would be ready.
Meanwhile, the City Council made ZERO referrals to QOL’s offer, but DID find time to approve ANOTHER multi-million dollar taxpayer funded project that gives free housing to the 1,000 vagrants who do not WANT to be sober, work, or obey the law.


What did this challenge prove?
• The tens of millions of dollars the City Council is spending on government-funded and directed homeless programs is NOT needed
• The Council’s approach to solving Reno’s homelessness is making the situation worse.
• The Council needs to adopt the QOL-Reno Homeless Plan, that emphasizes: 1) Helping those who want to be helped, and 2) Firm, fair law enforcement for those who DO NOT want help, and are merely hiding behind the “homeless” label.


MYTH #1:
“The Homeless-by-choice on the street are hungry and have no money.” FALSE!
QOL-Reno’s research found that ANY single person on the street has access to:
• 25 food pantries that supply enough food for over 70 meals per week
• Two free meals, 6-7 days per week through a variety of providers
• Either food stamps for almost $200 per month and/or disability, social security, or pension checks ranging from $700-$1,000+ per month.

 MYTH #2:
“The homeless-by-choice on the street have no affordable housing options.” FALSE!
QOL-Reno’s research found that EVERY contacted private program, half-way house, sober living, etc. “ALWAYS have openings.” These programs require sobriety, employment, law-abiding behavior, participation in life-changing programs, and counseling if necessary.

QOL-Reno also found that the City’s homeless shelter “RARELY has openings.” This program has been described by its own management as “dangerous,” “chaotic,” and “unsafe.” The City’s shelter allows unlimited amounts of drugs and alcohol in its clients, doesn’t require employment, law-abiding behavior, participation in any type of life-changing programs, or mental health counseling/programs.

MYTH #3:
“The Homeless-by-choice on the street can’t find employment?” FALSE!
Reno has numerous employment agencies that can place anyone with an ID and a clean drug test at a job the following day for $12 – $18/hour.


Watch the full interview of “Warren”.


From Homeless to Healed
Reno’s Homeless Plan Will Never Work – I Should Know

by Tim McGivney

Reno’s homeless plan will never work. Not “later.” Not after they pour millions more into it. Not ever. I know that firsthand – because I was homeless and an IV drug user on the streets of Reno for far too long.

I’m clean and sober now, a good husband and dad, and working a good job. NONE of that would have happened if I’d followed the Reno City Council’s homeless plan.

Reno’s Homeless Plan does NOT work and will NEVER work in Reno, just like it has NEVER worked in any city in the country that has tried it. The reason is because it does not deal with the main issues that kept someone like me on the street. Reno’s Plan doesn’t require the four important things that anyone hoping to get off the street has to be willing to do.

• Sobriety
• Employment
• Law-abiding behavior
• Mental health counseling (if needed)

Reno CAN’T require these four things for its Homeless Plan as long as they accept federal money.

If Reno’s City Council refused federal funding, like the Reno/Sparks Gospel
Mission does, they could require their homeless clients to follow the 4 things that lead to success, just like the Gospel Mission does.

Then, Reno’s homeless plan would actually help the homeless, just like the Gospel Mission’s does.

But Reno’s City Council refuses to let go of the federal funding. Therefore, their program continues to help almost no one who is in the situation I was in on the street. That’s why Reno’s homeless problem continues to get worse and worse.

Reno’s Homeless Plan is actually a trap that harms the homeless. It misleads them into believing they are victims of tough times, that they’re not responsible for their situations, and they just need other people in the community to give them everything.

Homelessness is absolutely about tough times …but the tough times are almost always caused by the homeless population’s OWN self-destructive habits. Just like MY problems were caused by MY refusal to do the 4 things listed above.

Reno’s Homeless Plan will put people who do NOT want to be clean and sober, employed, or law-abiding into nice clean homes, paid for with tax money. The houses won’t stay nice and clean for long. The homeless will destroy them. Then they will demand that the city spend more money to buy them MORE new homes. If you don’t believe me, go look at the City’s homeless shelter downtown and see how it has been trashed. Then go next door and compare how nice the Gospel Mission facility is, because they DO have rules.

One of the worst things about the Reno Homeless Plan, is that it will attract MORE homeless people from all over the country. Vagrants who don’t want to take self-responsibility will continue to network with each other about the great deal in Reno and keep moving here. They’ll hear that homeless people in Reno can do anything they want to do, including breaking most of the laws. They’ll hear that the City just keeps giving the homeless tons of free stuff, without requiring them to do anything. That’s how Los Angeles and Seattle got to be like they are. That’s what Reno will become if things don’t change.

How do you make homeless people WANT to be clean/sober and obey the laws? You have to hold them accountable for what they do. People who support Reno’s Homeless Plan say that you “can’t arrest your way out of homelessness.” From firsthand experience, I can tell you that’s NOT true. I went to jail over two-dozen times. Finally – BECAUSE of that experience – I got sick of wasting my life and tearing my family apart. Finally, I listened to a local pastor who showed me how to turn to God and walk with integrity. Finally, I decided I wanted to be a good dad, which meant I had to stop using drugs, obey the law, and get a job.

The Reno City Council’s homeless plan is not caring or helpful to people it temporarily takes off the street. It just enables them to keep using until they die, go to prison, or completely lose their health.

If Reno’s City Council really cares about helping the homeless – the people who are destroying their lives, just like I was – they’ll change their approach. They’ll change their plan to REQUIRE the homeless who want help to be clean and sober, work, obey the laws, and get mental health counseling. Nothing else works. I know.

About the author: Tim McGivney is a lifelong Reno resident. He welcomes feedback at timmcgivney@icloud.

From Homeless to Healed


• Tourism
• Efforts to attract new businesses
• Crime rate
• Quality of Life
• Our debt-ridden city finances
• Availability of public safety services to the rest of the community


Why is the City Council following and funding a homeless plan that has NEVER worked in ANY city where it has been tried? It is the exact same plan that has ruined Los Angeles, Seattle, and many other communities.


1)  Eliminate HUD funding and oversight of Reno’s Homeless Shelter,  so clients can be required to: be clean/sober, employed, seek mental health counseling (when needed), contribute to the cost of sheltering them, and obey the law.

2) Allow the Reno Police Department to fully and fairly enforce the city Municipal Code, including illegal camping

3) Eliminate special “Homeless Courts” where they receive little or no consequences for the crimes they commit

4) Implement the QOL-Reno Homeless Plan

Read the Homeless Plan HERE