Reno’s Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) and its implementation arm: Downtown Reno Partners, was formed illegally and unethically from the start.  Realizing that they would never get a majority of downtown property owners to vote for this double tax, the City Council chose to weight the votes of larger property owners – and used ballots which only allowed for a “Yes” vote, which enabled the Council to declare majority approval, even though over 75% of the property owners voted against it.  BID’s have been a 100% failure in reducing homelessness and crime in EVERY city that has tried them.(Ex.: LA, San Francisco, and Seattle ALL have had BID’s for years).  BIDS simply provide large businesses extra security services and promotion activities, paid for by the countless businesses who don’t benefit from these things at all. BID’s don’t reduce the homeless population.  They merely push it into other parts of the city, which is currently the case with Reno. Eventually, entire communities become saturated with ever-growing homeless populations that the city refuses to let the police enforce the law with, and you have another San Francisco. 

The BID issue does NOT just concern downtown property owners.  Historically, City Councils try to forcefully create BID’s in ALL neighborhoods, because they provide an extra taxation source that Councils can use any way they choose, and increase on an annual basis without any approval from property owners who are being taxed. 


Why have the hundreds and hundreds of private property owners in downtown Reno refused to stand up and demand that the City stop forcing them to pay ever-increasing double taxes, for which they receive no benefit? 


Downtown property owners, and ALL community members need to jointly contribute a small amount each, to fund a legal challenge against Reno’s BID (the first one in Nevada).  If this was successful, and there is much legal grounds for believing it could be, then property owners ANYwhere in Reno who wanted to contribute to, and participate in a VOLUNTARY “merchants’ association” could do so, and NO property owner would be forcibly taxed against their will

Although most people living in U.S.cities, small and large, have encountered homelessness at some point in their daily lives, the large majority are unaware of the depth of the problem, the solutions being implemented nationwide, and the costs.

The recently published article “Seattle Under Siege: Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem” by Christoper F. Rofu provides an insightful analysis of Seattle’s homeless situation. Although the article focuses on Seattle, it could easily and accurately describe a multitude of cities across the country. Readers will recognize similar activities and participants in their own communities.

Seattle under siege by Christopher F. Rofu

“Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem.”
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