For over 10 years, the union contract for Reno Firefighters has allowed them to have 2-to-5 times the DUI limit for illegal drugs and alcohol while on the job, with no consequences.  Not ONE City Council member, NOR the City Manager, NOR the Fire Chief  NOR any firefighters have publicly spoken out against this. Neither the Washoe County Firefighters nor the Reno Police have similar clauses for tolerating drugs/alcohol on the job, nor does ANY fire department in the nation that we know of.  No one benefits from allowing the policy to remain in effect.


Why do the City Manager, the entire City Council, the Fire Chief and 100% of the Reno firefighters refuse to speak out against this outrageous and dangerous contract provision, and insist that it be changed to conform with contract provisions for Reno’s other public safety workers? 


• Contact the City Manager, Council, and Fire Chief with calls, emails, and newspaper letters/op-ed’s demanding that this policy be changed.

City of Reno Fire Department “Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy and Procedures”

What are the limits for DUI?”Reno policy allows up to .08 BAC for firefighters”/

Although most people living in U.S.cities, small and large, have encountered homelessness at some point in their daily lives, the large majority are unaware of the depth of the problem, the solutions being implemented nationwide, and the costs.

The recently published article “Seattle Under Siege: Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem” by Christoper F. Rofu provides an insightful analysis of Seattle’s homeless situation. Although the article focuses on Seattle, it could easily and accurately describe a multitude of cities across the country. Readers will recognize similar activities and participants in their own communities.

Seattle under siege by Christopher F. Rofu

“Record numbers of homeless people are occupying the city’s public spaces, despite massive government spending to fight the problem.”
Audio Excerpt: is working to address a growing homeless problem impacting Reno’s quality of life. We invite you to join this “quality of life” citizen activity to bring much needed solutions to our community. Just click on the “Contact Us” and “Subscribe” links to learn about upcoming activities.