“I would NEVER send my child to WCSD schools.”
(WCSD substitute teacher)

QOL-Reno interviewed a WCSD substitute teacher about his/her experiences in our high schools. Excerpts follow:

• When the class bell would ring, about 1/3 of students were in my classroom, and the other 20-25 were wandering the school grounds with no consequences.
• Students who weren’t even enrolled in my class would come in and verbally abuse me, and in one instance assaulted me. When I tried to stop this behavior, the students would say, “You can’t stop me.” When I reported the incident to the principal’s office, they did nothing.
• Maybe 5 out of 35 students in class were trying to do their work, and the rest were just playing on their phones during the entire period. There was almost no learning taking place.
• The smell of marijuana in the classroom was pretty constant.
I observed no discipline of any kind on the campuses I was on.
The student behavior at the richer and poorer high schools was equally bad.
I would NEVER send my child to WCSD schools. Parents have no idea what is going on. They should know that their kids are getting exposed to drugs and constant lying. Our high schools are nothing but teenage daycare centers, functioning in mildly organized, dangerous chaos.


Former Superintendent Traci Davis was fired for-cause by the WCSD School Board July 1, 2019.  Has the School Board learned enough from this ongoing fiasco to hire – and supervise — a superintendent who will fix the mess that is our WCSD school system? 

  • The leading education survey (2019 Editorial Projects in Education) shows Nevada schools, including WCSD, are the 49th worst in the nation based, on 3 criteria:

Academic achievement

75% of our 4th and 8th graders are below grade level in Math and English on the national NAEP test)

Hope for the Future?

Children in WCSD schools children rank as having the LEAST likely chance for a successful future

Poor money management by the Superintendent and School Board

WCSD has run a multi-million dollar budget deficit for the past 11 years, and has more administrators than school districts 10 TIMES its size. 

  • Graduation rates (which WCSD can – and DOES manipulate) are increasing!

Meanwhile, the most important ACT national test (which WCSD can NOT manipulate) – shows that almost 90% of our graduating seniors do not qualify for college level classes … and the scores have declined for three straight years.

Moral Values?

Should your 11-year-old child be taught about anal and group sex in school sex education, but be taught NOTHING about moral values?  5 of the 7 WCSD School Board members think they should.