Superintendent Traci Davis was fired for-cause by the WCSD School Board July 1, 2019.


Has the Board learned enough from this ongoing fiasco to hire – and supervise a superintendent who will fix the mess that is our school system?  

• WCSD/Nevada’s schools have ranked at the BOTTOM in the nation … for YEARS.1
• Get rid of the bloated bureaucracy!  WCSD has run a multi-million dollar budget deficit for the past 11 years, and has more administrators than school districts 10 TIMES its size. 
• WCSD national test scores (that CAN’T be manipulated by the District) have DROPPED for the past 3 years. Meanwhile, WCSD’s graduation rate (which IS manipulated by the District) has INCREASED every year. What’s wrong with this picture?
• Should your 11-year-old child be taught about anal sex in school sex education, but be taught NOTHING about moral values?  5 of the 7 WCSD School Board members think they should.  


• Reassign ALL administrators connected with the previous superintendent to classroom teaching positions.
• Hire new administrators at ALL levels who are capable of providing effective leadership, academic success, and accountable discipline
• Promote a politically-unbiased instructional approach that requires verifiable proof of student learning
• Competition produces a better product!  Lobby legislators to establish a voucher system for ALL families in Washoe County  School District
•  Demand improved classroom access for parents and community members to visit and observe unrehearsed instruction, student/teacher interaction, and school/campus climate
• Lobby the WCSD Board of Trustees to approve a sex education curriculum that promotes values, basic biology, and the law regarding teenage sexual activity, rather than providing encouragement, instruction, and materials for sex acts, and promulgating biased, political, and inaccurate viewpoints regarding homosexuality and abortion
• Establish a voluntary, pilot school that puts into practice new ideas, theories, and practices for how to improve student learning and behavior at ALL WCSD schools. 
•  Increase teacher salaries (not administrators)